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Blackberry Alive and Well in Jamaica and the Caribbean…but

I watched Bloomberg West - the daily tech news TV show on Bloomberg TV yesterday and analysts are pretty much calling RIM, the company that makes the Blackberry device- irrelevant, near dead and a perfect take over target by companies like Google. Yes there are some undeniable truths- the company's profits

Digicel’s revenues up 16% for 6-month period

Digicel, the Caribbean's largest mobile telephone service provider with operations also in Central America and the Pacific reported strong financial performance for the six months ended September 30, 2011. Digicel Group Limited - which comprises the 30 markets of the Caribbean, El Salvador and the Pacific - reported revenues up 16

Samba Mobile Startup by ex Digicel employees

Ex Digicel employees are like exGoogle employees, they only leave to start something new plus  they are typically successful. Take for example, NewCom, Magnum Kings and Queens of dancehall TV show even. And now there's Samba Mobile. Ever heard of  them? Samba was founded in the UK in 2009. They 

Top websites in Jamaica based on User Traffic

As we continue to study the world wide web and focus on how we can take advantage of this limitless resource and marketplace, we must pay keen attention to the players who are winning the game and do so consistently. Also, we must learn as much as we can from

Digicel Boasts Facebook Fan Page Numbers

This was published in Chat, a weekly tabloid from the Jamaica Observer. Why it didn't make the business pages in mainstream publications is beyond me. But then again we're still waiting on mainstream journalists to really start using Twitter. If you liked this post, why not Subscribe and get Silicon

Digicel Caribbean by Numbers…

I attended the 8th annual Caribbean MBA Conference last week held at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston. At the luncheon the Ceo of Digicel Jamaica spoke and gave a great keynote speech and I gathered a bunch of stats. Here are some of the more interesting numbers. 2302