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The Internet is Mobile, Social and Consumer driven- Where are the business opportunities?

Caribbean BETA!

The world may not be flat, but the Internet has created a level playing field where the opportunities are greater and there are more routes to creating and finding jobs, owning a business and achieving personal success. That’s the underlying message of the annual Caribbean BETA – Tech Entrepreneurship conference being held in Kingston, Jamaica on Friday November 16th, 2012 at Knutsford Court Hotel.

We want more people to come to understand that being online, is not just about entertainment anymore, but also about entrepreneurship and jobs,” Ingrid Riley, Founder of ConnectiMass, the organisation that stages the annual conference. “This why the  theme in this our second year is The Business of the Internet – Mobile, Social and Consumer driven-where are the opportunities?,” she added.

The first day of the conference will be a mixture of keynotes and panel discussions by a heady mixture of international, regional and local experts. The topics to be discussed are : When Technology Meets Government – What are the business opportunities ?; Reggae Music 2.0: How will it succeed in the Digital age of music, brand, culture?;  Mobile – a phenomenal Caribbean opportunity; When technology meets the creatives industries – where are the business opportunities? and Funding entrepreneurship and innovation- what will it take?.

LIME throws down the gauntlet and lets the lowest call prices reign…but

LIME Jamaica

So Telecommunications company LIME has announced that effective Friday June 15th, it will launch the new TALK EZ plan with an unprecedented one rate $2.99 per minute charge for on-net prepaid and international calls to the USA, Canada and UK landlines. They also added, that Lime to Lime calls will be now just $1.99 per minute and to call other networks it will be just $6.99 per minute. These call rates makes you stop and go…WHAT!? you’ve got to be kidding.

While I applaud Lime for this move, as they’ve certainly thrown down the gauntlet,  you can view this move as the desperate strategy of a flailing former monopoly or a brilliant chess move of a company who’s realised the changing role of telecoms in the lives of their Digital Age consumers; a company who’s not reacting solely to its competition Digicel the lead player in the market, but more so responding to the tide of tech innovations. I think LIME is smart with the price cut at this time, as the pace of tech innovation has been and will continue to be blistering and it’s giving consumers greater choices. We all now have What’s App, Skype, Viber and other choices to call,text and msg and all can use Wifi, in addition to existing data plans. We almost take those apps and what they allow us to do for granted, it’s become normal no longer a novelty.

Number Portability Must be Next
Yet, while I am certainly one who would consider switching to LIME tomorrow, I can’t because I am still waiting on number portability, that ability for me to keep my 7 year old number and move it to any phone and network I choose. I’m hoping and expecting number portability before year end. In my mind, it’s a natural progression for a truly liberalised marketplace and I think Minister Philip Paulwell knows this. When, not if, but when this happens then we will see who really is #1 in Jamaica and even the Caribbean. With that said, maybe LIME is simply positioning themselves for number portability, by laying out the red carpet to consumers early. Hmmm.

My ideal scenario would be an iPhone ( yeah I looove my Blackberry, even as I now use the Samsung Galaxy S 11, so clearly I am somewhat platform nimble/agnostic) on a network of my choice, with low call rates, a true 4G network ( give me an Amen!) and even more affordable data plans. But I have to ask this, doesn’t these rates cuts make you curious enough to ask…if these telcos can slash and burn prices like this and remain profitable, then the profit margins before must have been damn ridiculous!! LOL. Aiy sah!

So yeah, jump for joy, switch and enjoy if you wish, but generally LIME, Digicel et al, they aren’t doing us consumers any favours, in my humble opinion by cutting rates and beating the kette drum for us to take notice, they are simply responding to these digital and innovative times. What do you think?

Blackberry Alive and Well in Jamaica and the Caribbean…but

Blackberry 9860 All Touch Torch

I watched Bloomberg West – the daily tech news TV show on Bloomberg TV yesterday and analysts are pretty much calling RIM, the company that makes the Blackberry device- irrelevant, near dead and a perfect take over target by companies like Google.

Yes there are some undeniable truths- the company’s profits and stock market value has fallen big time. In the USA market, the article title               “ Americans Losing Addiction to ‘CrackBerrys’, pretty much says it all. Unlike the rest of Europe, BlackBerry OS is holding its own admirably in the UK, with 36.22 per cent of the market share.

In 2010 it was said that BlackBerry was not struggling in the global market.  Gartner revealed in May that BlackBerry maker RIM became the world’s fourth-largest handset maker, and had 19.4% global market share in the smartphone arena. Also in 201o, it was reported that South Africa BlackBerry was showing particularly strong growth. According to Vodacom more than 350,000 BlackBerrys compared to 100,000 iPhones for that period.  In the Caribbean, Blackberry is said to have 80% of the consumer and business market and in Jamaica, Blackberry is king with 70% of the market.

But, where are the Apps?

That’s where things currently stand with Blackberry and their achilles heel is summed up in this sentence  “I still use the BlackBerry, but it’s not the most developer-friendly platform”. They just haven’t seem to get their finger out it seems when it comes to the number of consumer level Blackberry apps as iPhone and Android has, even as they have the business level apps down to a science.

Digicel’s revenues up 16% for 6-month period

Digicel, the Caribbean’s largest mobile telephone service provider with operations also in Central America and the Pacific reported strong financial performance for the six months ended September 30, 2011.

Digicel Group Limited – which comprises the 30 markets of the Caribbean, El Salvador and the Pacific – reported revenues up 16 per cent year on year to US$1.24 billion for the first half of the fiscal year. EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) was up 15 per cent year on year to US$524 million for the six month period with the most recent quarter contributing US$270 million EBITDA.  More

Samba Mobile Startup by ex Digicel employees

Ex Digicel employees are like exGoogle employees, they only leave to start something new plus  they are typically successful. Take for example, NewCom, Magnum Kings and Queens of dancehall TV show even. And now there’s Samba Mobile. Ever heard of  them?

Samba was founded in the UK in 2009. They  work with mobile networks and the advertising community to provide free access for people to use the internet when they want. Users build their mobile broadband credit by selecting and viewing high quality advertising.

Nobody has ever offered something like Samba before, they claim. So if you want free mobile broadband, just sign up, and we will send you an exclusive invitation when a space appears.

Who’s behind it? Samba is founded by “accomplished internet, mobile and advertising entrepreneurs” from Orange, Digicel and Media Edge:CIA. It is funded by Irish telecoms entrepreneur Denis O’Brien who owns Digicel brand, the leading telecom service provider in the Caribbean and number one provider in Jamaica.

How We Did it: Digicel, the Caribbean Brand with the largest FaceBook Fan Page Community

Digicel the seven year-old company which joined the Telecom game in Jamaica and the Caribbean as the mouth-watering buffet in front of a starving man, is now the Caribbean Brand with the largest Facebook Fan Page Community. They achieved the 100,000 Fan milestone on Tuesday March 16, 2010.  They celebrated by running a full page ad in the newspapers and of course more giveaways as thanks to their fans.

Now in an environment where internet marketing professionals and entrepreneurs push to sell Caribbean brands on the validity and value of social media specifically and generally the necessity of having an internet marketing strategy and plan, Digicel with its achievement will no doubt drive the fan rush and social media push in Jamaica and the Caribbean. At least we hope so.

We spoke to Marketing Communications Manager, Tshani Jaja about Digicel, Social Media and the Caribbean.Share your comments or ask questions when you’re finished watching.

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The Telemarketing Survey SCAM involving CLARO, Digicel and LIME

U2 Connect Location still on Digicel's website

It was the second time I was hearing it in as many weeks. The first story came from a friend, the second from my 71 year old mother. A young lady called, introduced herself using what I will immediately assume was a fake name. Said she was calling on behalf of Digicel, please note my mother is a LIME customer and has been since it was called Jamaica Telephone company, well because she worked there for 30 years too. The young lady then went on to say that they are doing a survey and at the end they will get a SIM card with $5,000 worth of Digicel credit on it. My mother said, but I have no use for that as I am a LIME customer but my daughters have Digicel phones, so go ahead.

Top websites in Jamaica based on User Traffic

As we continue to study the world wide web and focus on how we can take advantage of this limitless resource and marketplace, we must pay keen attention to the players who are winning the game and do so consistently. Also, we must learn as much as we can from them to avoid re-inventing the wheel and rediscovering fire.

Therefore, I chose to do a quick case study on the top 5 websites in Jamaica and also do a rough listing of 9 more based on their user traffic. Since high user traffic indicates that there must be something attractive or useful on that site. This is key if we want to retain regular viewers, increase advertising opportunities and thus create and maintain website profitability.

Most persons do not clearly have a plan to directly monetize their websites. Too many individuals create websites without setting targets to achieve specific landmarks. So, let us begin to look at some sites in Jamaica that are consistently attracting traffic and see what we can learn.

Digicel Boasts Facebook Fan Page Numbers

This was published in Chat, a weekly tabloid from the Jamaica Observer. Why it didn’t make the business pages in mainstream publications is beyond me. But then again we’re still waiting on mainstream journalists to really start using Twitter.

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Digicel Caribbean by Numbers…

I attended the 8th annual Caribbean MBA Conference last week held at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston. At the luncheon the Ceo of Digicel Jamaica spoke and gave a great keynote speech and I gathered a bunch of stats.

Here are some of the more interesting numbers.

Digicel Jamaica’s Wimax and Laptops…Are we there yet?

The talk is once again very thick and heavy. Digicel Jamaica is going to roll out their Wimax(4G) Internet and Laptops product in time for Christmas? That’s what a few heads are saying since they got all the licenses they need and the netbook sweet deal is in place.