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Watch Episode #5 of THIS WEEK IN CARIBBEAN TECH LIVE Broadcast

Watch Episode#5 of This Week in Caribbean Tech Live Broadcast, hosted weekly, every Thursday by Ingrid Riley on Facebook. In this Episode: Haiti Tech Summit, Ben Horowitz; Artificial Intelligence and BPO Jobs in Jamaica; The cost of Internet Service in the Caribbean; Ganjagram Startup; four Caribbean Tech events coming and a funny social media trend we spotted this week. Watch the broadcast every Thursday 1 p.m. EDT, 2 p.m. EST. live on SiliconCaribe's Facebook Page. We are all about covering and promoting our emerging #DigitalCaribbean. We clearly are headed in the right direction! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who watched Episode #4 of This Week in Caribbean Tech Live last week Thursday. We got lots of compliments on the great content and we are happily getting better and better each week. These countries had the largest live audience: Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana. Barbados, Grenada, St Kitts, Antigua, USA and Canada. And while I am saying than you, I want to acknowledge our blog readers. These are the Top 10 Countries in our Fan and Readership-base. 1. Jamaica 2. Dominican Republic 3. Trinidad and Tobago 4. USA 5. Barbados 6. Suriname 7. Guyana 8. Martinique 9. UK 10. Canada OUtside of these 10 countries, we have blog readers from 45 countries around the world covering the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Latin America, African continent. It’s good to know that our readership and fanbase are largely millennials, representing 65% followed by GenXers at 20%. Thanks to every single one of you! All 30,000 of you monthly readers.

The Mission Behind Caribbean Blogger’s Week 2016

Stop right now and name off the top of your head, 5 Caribbean Food Bloggers, how about Caribbean Sports Bloggers, Caribbean Business Bloggers, ok maybe you better in naming some Caribbean Fashion + Style Bloggers or Caribbean Music Bloggers? Then when you're done with that for the Caribbean, drill down and and ask those same questions about the Caribbean country you are from, then mosey on over and do that for the Diaspora also. By now your face should be crinkled as you’re trying to recall names and using your fingers to count or maybe you are scratching your head, from what you didn’t just find on Google. Added to that, let me ask you this - is there a central and definitive Caribbean Blog directory to find a list of Caribbean blogs and Caribbean bloggers so you can connect, collaborate and do business with them? Do you know who was the first Caribbean Blogger to turn their blog into a published book? Do you know which Caribbean Bloggers are making money on their content and how they are doing it? Do you know why more than any other time, why it's important that Caribbean Women Blog? Are you aware of the history of Caribbean Blogging? Ever heard of or or While they all are in the deadpool now, they are still part of our history and I wrote about them here on from as far back as 2009. All of those questions and context I just spoke

Which Jamaican Stock Exchange Listed Companies shine in Business Blogging + 14 Reasons Why Your Caribbean Business Should Blog

Before I get into the Global, Business and Marketing reasons why every Caribbean Business Should blog, let me start with the definition of business blogging. ” Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility.” Then I will continue with our own regional Digital context. According to, of the 42,108,083 people in the Caribbean ( 2015), less than half of them are internet users. Only 17,655,462 Internet users on or 41.9 % penetration rate as of November 2015. When it comes to being online and social, which is now the default way in which we communicate and do business, when we use the numbers of the largest social platform in the world, Facebook, only 9,721,980 Caribbean people are there, as of November 2015. That’s a mere 23.1% penetration rate. Added to that mobile penetration in the majority of Caribbean nations have either reached 100% of very close. Smartphone penetration is hovering over 50%. The great news is that, there is a lot more room for the Caribbean to grow Digital and to go Social. A lot. It follows too, that the trends of what Caribbean customers want and expect from your Caribbean Business, not to mention your international customers have irrevocably changed. Now, let’s talk about the global context in which the Caribbean lives and does business with. There are 3.6 billion internet users worldwide. Mobile phone penetration and usage is now just before 2 billion people. As of July 28th, 2016 there are 60 million businesses using

5 reasons why a Caribbean Digital Marketplace might be a good thing

Last week, at the fourth Latin American Telecommunications Congress in Mexico, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) called for the creation of a regional digital market. ECLAC was of the view that its creation would “enable increased connectivity for people and businesses, and facilitate the online exchange of goods and services”. Although the comments were made at a Latin American event, and frequently when ECLAC refers to the Caribbean it means the countries of Central and South America that border the Caribbean Sea, and not necessarily the Caribbean islands, a digital marketplace could be especially beneficial to the Caribbean/CARICOM region. Here are five reasons 1. The global marketplace is big First, have you ever tried to search the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores for mobile applications for a specific Caribbean country, or created by Caribbean developers? It is almost near impossible to get good results, unless you can search by a specific name. The search results will comprise products from all over the world, which may or may not necessarily have anything to do with what you are searching for. While it may be argued that the results are directly connected to the search algorithm employed, it also emphasises how large the global marketplace is, and the challenge of trying to spotlight niche products. It may thus be beneficial to create a platform where Caribbean products (and services) can be showcased, and for a Caribbean,.but also an international, audience. 2. Caribbean region is unique On the point of