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VIDEO: Do you know that name of the Caribbean Vlogger who scored a spot on the Billboard Chart ?

DO YOU KNOW #06 60 seconds of Caribbean Tech History with @ingridrileyjm Do you know the name of the Caribbean Vlogger who became a DJ and had one of his songs land in the #8 spot on the Billboard Reggae Chart? A post shared by Silicon Caribe (@siliconcaribe) on Sep 26, 2017 at 7:39pm PDT We post our Do You Know Videos every Tuesday on our SiliconCaribe Instagram Page. Watch them there first.

Steady but Slow — Open Data’s Progress in the Caribbean

Matthew McNaughton, Founding Principal of Slshroots co-authored with Denique Ferguson and Alesha Aris of the SlashRoots Foundation. It was originally published on the Open Knowledge International’s Blog in support of the 2016 Global Open Data Index Launch. The Global Open Data Index and the Caribbean Then Over the last two years, the SlashRoots Foundation has supported the Caribbean’s participation in the Open Knowledge International’s Global Open Data Index (GODI), an annual survey which measures the state of “open” government across the world. We recently completed the 2016 survey submissions and were asked to share our initial reactions before the full GODI study is released in May. In the Global Open Data Index, each country is assessed based on the availability of “open data” as defined in the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Open Data Definition across key thematic areas that Governments are expected to publish information on. These include: National Maps, National Laws, Government Budget, Government Spending, National Statistics, Administrative Boundaries, Procurement, Pollutant Emissions, Election Results, Weather Forecast, Water Quality, Locations, Draft Legislation, Company Register, and Land Ownership. For the 2016 survey, the Caribbean was represented by ten countries — Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. As the Caribbean’s Regional Coordinator, we manage and source survey submissions from citizens, open data enthusiasts, and government representatives. These submissions then undergo a quality review process led by global experts. This exercise resulted in 150 surveys for the region and provided both an

NewWaveJamaica Event is like the KingstonBETA for Reggae Music

I am night person and explorer. So it's natural for me to leave my home at 11 pm, 12midnight, even 1am in the morning to go check out something new or something familiar that I love. I love tech, I love live music and I love bars that cater to those proclivities of mine. So out I went to StonesthrowBar because I'd seen in Instagram that it was NewWave Night and I was curious and tired of working at my laptop. I said I was only going to spend an hour and that was more than enough to experience what I've called the Kingston BETA of Reggae Music. I had 60mins of sights and sounds at Stonesthrow Bar Jamaica. It was NewWave night which I heard is done by Reggae music star Protoje and his The IndiggCollective x KGN Collective on Mondays.  For me the experience was  like Kingston Beta for music. Emerging beat makers, producers and artists use the AuxCord segment ( like the Pitch segment we do at every Kingston Beta event) to showcase what they've made and what they are working on. They get to plug in their Smartphone, iPad or laptop and introduce the music they are about to play. They get to play one song which plays for an average 3 minutes. The audience is open and listens and gives their reaction with headnods, hands in the air or by dancing. It's a platform to discover who and what's coming next. It's also an event, a space

Making Business Deals on Social Media – Now The Digital Culture Norm

Here's how it all went. You just did a post on Instagram for one of your brands, like you usually do daily. Then this happens. Follower in Your DM: Hi there I'd love for to promote my company in your feed. You: Ok cool. What's the product? And is it on our IG feed only or on our website as well. Follower: Both, we are part of an event coming up in two weeks and want to start in a couple of days. You: Cool, how long do you want to run it for and what's your budget. With a couple more quick exchanges- the price, start time, a quick exchange of names and a promise to send a followup email with an ad contract follows and a time to pick up the cheque.  The deal is done. You: Did I just sell a week of online advertising for my website and Instagram channel with someone I am yet to meet. That's kind feel backwards doesn't it? The deal making processes used to be, you figure out who you want to do business by doing some research, you may make a cold call, send a proposal by email, ask for a meeting to further discuss and negotiate, then, there would be some waiting before a deal is closed. But closing deals on the platforms where you are connecting and going about doing your business, is becoming more the norm in doing business in the digital age. Before, making business deals was done primarily from on the golf course,