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We have Great Partners for SiliconCaribe’s Caribbean Bloggers Week! Read the List

I believe that the right partnerships always makes you go further, faster and that's what we sought and attracted, as we move forward in executing on our first Caribbean Bloggers Week, which starts on Monday December 5th and ends online and with Blogger Meetups in 4 cities on Saturday December 10th, 2016. We are thankful for the partners we have now and the  others coming on board over the next couple of days. They saw the value in what we are doing with and for our fellow Caribbean Bloggers, Instagrammers, Youtubers, Tweeters, Podcasters and other Digital Influencers who are Caribbean and of Caribbean descent. They supporting us via media, marketing, venue, sponsorship and cash and we’re happy to have the early adopters and believers for our first annual event. Our Current Roster of Partners are,,,,,,,, Black Tech Week, TrulyCaribbean.Net,,,,,,,,, Curacao Chronicle, Levis Caribbean SmokeHouse, 1aPub and Grill, Global Voices, VAS Lounge, Dr!nkLounge and Bistro You will hear more about our 2016 partners as we do the run up to the online and meetup hybrid of activities that is out event. Caribbean Bloggers Week starts in  22 Days on December 5th-10th, 2016


We here at SiliconCaribe will stage the first annual Caribbean Blogger’s Week across the Region and Diaspora, from December 5th to 10th, 2016. It will celebrate and showcase the power of Digital Influencers of Caribbean + Caribbean descent, who are Bloggers, Podcasters, Instagrammers, YouTubers and other types of Digital Creatives. The event which is staged 90% online, will profile and interview emerging and rockstar Digital Influencers; publish educational how-to and how-I-did articles from expert bloggers;  release The Status of Caribbean Blogosphere Trend Report; launch an Official Caribbean Blog directory plus host two Twitter Chats. The week will culminate with Blogger Meetups hosted by top Caribbean Bloggers in Kingston, Port of Spain, New York and London. “Caribbean Bloggers Week is our newest event and our intention is that it inspires the increased development, marketing and distribution of more original Caribbean Digital Content. You see, it is of great value that more of us, come to understand the value and opportunity of owning a blog, an independent digital media platform, for which you can set your own agenda. A platform where you can produce text, audio, photo and video digital content, build an engaged and loyal audience and achieve amazing things, including a profitable business,” said Ingrid Riley, Founder of SiliconCaribe. SiliconCaribe is the multi award-winning Caribbean Tech Blog that’s been chronicling and showcasing how the Caribbean does Tech by covering Caribbean Technology News, Startups, Mobile Trends, Digital Culture and Digital Business since 2007. The Media entity has also staged  over 90 different type of