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The Innovation Mindset Missing in Jamaican Retailers

Jamaicans aren't online they said. Jamaicans aren't using this social media platforms they said. Jamaicans aren't into that technology thing they said. . The businesses that had been saying this, now find themselves behind the 8ball - out of business, or on their way there. They clearly got complacent, ignored the trend data, and

Push for eCommerce in Barbados

TECH NEWS - THE SMALL Business Association (SBA) is pushing e-commerce in a big way and as such has formed partnerships to enable its members to more fully utilise the technology. Business operations manager Andrea C Taylor said the SBA was working with both banks and Government in this regard. “We

Online Wholesale Club Launches online by Jamaica tech company.

Despite the lack of a memorable brand name yet with an excellent underlying ethos of  Buy Jamaica, Build Jamaica theme, labels themselves " Your Online Wholesale Club" that gives you "Real Rewards, Not Coupons" went live with a grocery shopping store online this week. 3892 What’s missing in the Caribbean

Zimbuyer.Com is a new one stop online shopping facility for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, offering easy access to purchase groceries and other services for their loved ones back home. The site is attractive, easy to use and allows Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora a single source in

FLASHBACK Tech in Jamaica: Caribexchange Trade Net Magazine

I know those of you who are new to Tech generally and new to The tech industry in Jamaica specifically will not remember this magazine -Trade Net. It started 8 years ago as a free magazine from which was an eprocurement startup based at the Technology Innovation Centre at