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Taking a closer look at the new Facebook policy

This week, Facebook began to notify its users of its new privacy policy, which will come into effect on 1 January 2015. The policy is considerably shorter than the current version, and much easier to read. With the new policy, an interactive walk-through, Privacy Basics, has been published to guide

12 Internet Predictions For 2012

Business Insider Intelligence's 12 Internet Predictions For 2012: Google Will Release A $200 Tablet Amazon's Kindle Fire changed the tablet game, largely thanks to its price, way below the competition; It looks like it's going to be a holiday blockbuster; Meanwhile, Google is fighting a platform war with Apple and has been humiliated

What is SociaLingua?

Indeed, “What is SociaLingua?” is the question I’ve been asking since I first saw those persistent ads pop up on my Facebook Homepage many moons ago. The ads were extremely effective, as when I first saw them I did want to know “What is SociaLingua?”. I clicked on the ad

Is MySpace still relevant for musicians?

Since Facebook’s explosion in popularity there has been a mass exodus of mostly ordinary users from MySpace while a lot of bands/musicians still maintain and advertise their profiles on the struggling network. Since a large part of the audience has turned their attention elsewhere, is it that bands remain to