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Taking a closer look at the new Facebook policy

Computer-Key-With-Privacy-Policy-Stuart-MilesThis week, Facebook began to notify its users of its new privacy policy, which will come into effect on 1 January 2015. The policy is considerably shorter than the current version, and much easier to read. With the new policy, an interactive walk-through, Privacy Basics, has been published to guide users on how to change their policy settings, which ultimately may make them feel more in control of their information on the platform.

Digicel Chairman O’Brien calls on internet giants to help pay for broadband in developing world

imageTelecoms billionaire Denis O’Brien has challenged GoogleFacebook and other internet companies to contribute to the cost of making broadband available in the developing world.

The Digicel chairman has accused the internet giants of lobbying heavily to ensure they did not have to pay for expanding internet access globally.

12 Internet Predictions For 2012

Business Insider Intelligence’s 12 Internet Predictions For 2012:

Google Will Release A $200 Tablet

Amazon’s Kindle Fire changed the tablet game, largely thanks to its price, way below the competition; It looks like it’s going to be a holiday blockbuster;

Meanwhile, Google is fighting a platform war with Apple and has been humiliated on the tablet front, with high-priced, lower-featured Android tablets getting clobbered by the iPad. The way Google can grab tablet marketshare, which it needs to do, is to imitate Amazon’s strategy of selling a radically lower-priced tablet at a loss. And, for the first time, it can do that, since it’s in the process of buying tablet-maker Motorola.

Facebook Will Grow Faster Than Anyone Thinks And Hit 1 Billion Users

Facebook already has 800 million users, and many people assume that its growth is hitting a wall, as it reaches dominance in the big developed markets and it’s locked out of markets like China and Russia. But, there is still a lot of room for growth in places like South-East Asia, India and Brazil, and Facebook’s network effect is a powerful thing.

Facebook is truly global and here are the recent numbers to prove it

According to a just release comScore report, Facebook continues to amass visitors across the globe. In March 2011, 693 million unique visitors age 15+ visited from a home or work computer worldwide, up 43% from the previous year. At the regional level, Europe is home to the largest audience of users at 234.6 million visitors (up 38%), followed by North America with 163.9 million (up 26%). The Middle East – Africa region saw the largest growth rate increasing 63% in the past year to 90.3 million visitors, while the Asia Pacific region experienced strong growth as well with visitation to up 62% to 121.7 million visitors. In Latin America, 82.5 million people visited in March, up 55%.

Chart: comScore_Facebook Global Growth

Photos: iStockphoto

comScore_Facebook Global Growth

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What is SociaLingua?

Indeed, “What is SociaLingua?” is the question I’ve been asking since I first saw those persistent ads pop up on my Facebook Homepage many moons ago. The ads were extremely effective, as when I first saw them I did want to know “What is SociaLingua?”. I clicked on the ad and was directed someplace – this was sometimes ago, I believe it was a Facebook page that also had an offsite link, and both told me absolutely nothing. I thought, well that’s interesting; someone is spending money just to ask a question but provide no answer. At the time I thought “sometimes we can be a little slow getting things done, so maybe next time I check there will be an answer”. Building the mystery about their product was a great plan until checked a few more times and still nothing. So I stopped checking.

4 Useful Tools Caribbean Musicians can use to access American and European Markets

With the limitations of scale in the Jamaican music market, and the new measure of success moving away from CD sales to more of concert tickets, merchandise and digital downloads, most artists look toward other countries for exposure, fame and yes money. Used to be you needed to be or have a manager based overseas to capitalize on that market, but these days if you’re a savvy artist with the Internet, you’ll find that you can exploit a host of advantages yourself – and from ya’ad – with the help of a few nifty tools.  Here are a few that can help you if you’re looking toward the United States for fresh markets, distribution and gig bookings.

1. Facebook
Any of the musicians who stayed behind on MySpace will tell you Facebook is not the best place to be if you’re a band. They just don’t offer the right tools, but that’s easily forgivable when they’re offering up the shiny gem of over 600 million users ripe for the picking. And now the new third part applications you can pull in such as reverbnation, the custom pages you can create that showcases your video, audio clips from soundcloud and others. Facebook is evolving into a space where you can build and interact with a fan base on what is touted as a killer marketing ecosystem. Facebook is a great jumping off point for your music. It allows you access to the people who like your music, others who can be introduced to it.

Is MySpace still relevant for musicians?

Since Facebook’s explosion in popularity there has been a mass exodus of mostly ordinary users from MySpace while a lot of bands/musicians still maintain and advertise their profiles on the struggling network. Since a large part of the audience has turned their attention elsewhere, is it that bands remain to promote themselves to each other or does MySpace still hold some relevance for the music industry?

I think MySpace had it right when in response to Facebook’s boom they created MySpace Music. There are still millions of social networkers who love music and are looking for the best possible interaction with it and MySpace Music offered them the opportunity to “Discover new bands and artists, watch music videos, get tour dates, music, news, other fans, and more.” It was a solid move because connecting fans to musicians is something they’ve always done well, and because Facebook is just not that friendly for musicians or music lovers.

The Number of Social Media Experts Decline + 2 more 2011 Predictions

Last year Social Media became the two words on everyone’s lips. It became the thing everyone wanted to and did jump into- both businesses and the new industry experts. Over 500,000 Jamaicans poured on to Facebook; Jamaica Pegasus Hotel made the word Tweetup a household name and a powerful brand affinity event for themselves; and The Jamaica Tourist Board made the Blogger’s Meetup gain mind share and cred in the Jamaican travel industry. Hundreds of Jamaican companies startups and established brands made a bit to establish themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and FourSquare.

Now at the start of 2011, the pace of social media adoption continues to pace up, the downside of this is that the more companies that pour on to social platforms, the more consumers join social networks and are bombarded by too many group requests, Facebook like requests, online contests yada yada yada – equals to alot of online noise…information overload.

Here’s are three trends I see emerging in 2011: More

Mark Zuckerberg on the Three Keys to Facebook’s Success ( Video)

Is Facebook trying to kill Flickr by upgrading our photo experience?

Facebook has made two changes recently that has pretty much place photos more front and centre of the user experience. The new design Facebook Fan Pages have relegated the Wall and Tabs to side bar status, making your photo album top dog in the page layout. It’s the same for your member profile page.

On top of that now it has changed how we currently view photos. Now we get an entire photo slide option that’s large and beautiful. Why this and why now?  Is Facebook trying to kill Flickr by upgrading their users photo uploading, tagging and sharing experience?

Could this be a play to outdo Flickr which leads when it comes to photos? No other social media channel comes to even half as close as Flickr which has 130 million photos uploaded every month. Compare this to “Every day, people add more than 100 million tags to photos” according to Facebook. This is part of the content arsenal which sees 30 billion pieces of content (e.g., links, photos, notes) that are shared on Facebook each month (Source: Royal Pingdom).

387,580 Trinidadians now on Facebook, but Growth Rate Slows

The are 11,000 more Trinidadians on Facebook online today than there was 2 months ago today. As of today, there are 387,580 Trinidadians now on Facebook, compared to 376,580 two months ago. For the latter part of 2010, the growth rate was averaging 10,000 new Trinidadians every 30 days, but it has slowed now to an average of 5,500 new Trinidadians logging on to Facebook every month.

Here’s the break down by age groups: