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387,580 Trinidadians now on Facebook, but Growth Rate Slows

The are 11,000 more Trinidadians on Facebook online today than there was 2 months ago today. As of today, there are 387,580 Trinidadians now on Facebook, compared to 376,580 two months ago. For the latter part of 2010, the growth rate was averaging 10,000 new Trinidadians every 30 days, but

Over 500,000 Jamaicans now on Facebook..ohh yeah!

On November 23rd 2010, yes two months ago exactly, there were 429,160 Jamaicans on Facebook and for the latter part of 2010, the growth rate was averaging 20,000 new Jamaicans every 30 days. Now as of today there are 500,520 Jamaicans on Facebook. This is an increase of 71,360

Top 10 Things to do If Facebook Goes Down Again

So I thought, what were we all forced to do for the past 15 mins when was down. Here's a short list pulled from Twitter and my own experience. 1. Reopen that file folder of work that's on the office desk. 2. Actually Listen to that damn lecturer in front of

When Facebook doesn’t speak Jamaican

I was on Facebook last night and what popped up on the right side of my laptop screen? The ad above, that screamed a Jamaican bad word.  The gatekeepers who approved this ad, clearly are unfamiliar with Jamaican culture. For my international readers the word is "rass" I'd say is

Software Patents a RISK to the Jamaican and Caribbean ICT industry

If you haven’t been paying attention billionaire Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) is suing Apple, Google, Facebook, AOL, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo!, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and YouTube over patent infringements. "A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state (national government) to an inventor or their assignee