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2011 The Year Mobile Took Over ( Video)

In a YouTube video by Mobile Future, there are stunning statistics about mobile’s growth world wide in 2011.  For example - Texts: 8.8 trillion texts were sent this year, up 1.1 trillion from last year. Interestingly, most of them were sent by a 14-year old from Minnesota named Megan who sent 1,095

Who wants to be Mayor on Foursquare?

Who wants to be Mayor? on Foursquare that is. I'm really not surprised that Foursquare is taking off fast here in Jamaica, the land of  100% mobile penetration. Who doesn't like clicking "check in" on their smart phones as they mosey on into their favourite places to drink, eat or

FourSquare 101 for Jamaican/Caribbean brands

Foursquare is like a loyalty rewards programme on the go, a fresh way for you to connect with your customers and keep them engaged with "specials "and yes a fresh way of getting free pr continuously for your brand but not in a pushy kinda way - and that's from

I finally joined FourSquare

...ok so I've been ignoring it for a hot minute even though some tech heads around me has been going mad about it. Then at re:CONNECT the trend briefing and working my company staged last week, a dude told me that he personally put 50 Jamaican locations on and