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Free Wi-Fi: the three sides of the debate

The Sint Maarten Government is considering rolling out free Wi-Fi. The incumbent telecoms provider and regulator have stated their positions on the matter. We also add our two cents… In recent years, several Caribbean countries have expressed a desire to increase Internet access and use, with the expectation of improving digital

6 ways your business can benefit from offering free Wi-Fi

Many businesses are hesitant to offer free Wi-Fi to the public or their customers. This post highlights some of the advantages of offering that service. This article has been motivated by the free Wi-Fi initiative in Barbados (11.11.11 ON) that is being facilitated by the Barbados Entrepreneurial Foundation, which has the goal

Barbados inches closer to providing 100% free Wi-Fi

It’s on! The goal to make Barbados the first country in the world to provide 100% free Wi-Fi access to all of its citizens is gaining major traction. The Wi-Fi project, branded “11:11:11ON”, is designed to position Barbados as a world leader in the global marketplace. It is