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Google is now shipping 60,000 Android-based devices a day

Google is now shipping more than 60,000 Android devices per day and the number has more than doubled over the last quarter, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told the GSM Association Mobile World Congress earlier this week. “If you look at my thesis of the three intersection points - computing, connectivity

Whoaa!! Facebook Tops Google in Directing Web Traffic

Do you still need a reason to come up with a social media strategy? New data shows an important shift in web traffic patterns. Remember last year's big news about the power of social connection: that friends could make you fatter, happier, and even sexier? Whether you're a believer or not,

Apple vs. FutureWave Software/Macromedia/Adobe Flash and Google

I have always been an advocate of rich multimedia applications, motion graphics, and video ever since I started to develop for the Internet in 1995. I will give a brief history that will illustrate the importance of Flash and its contribution to the web and cross-platform presentations and why Apple's

Get Our News Any Way You want it…what a concept

I saw this article on the New York times called, Get Our Tech News Any Way You Want It by Vindu Goel. They acknowledged that because " publishes a lot of technology news: articles, Bits posts, Gadgetwise posts, tech product reviews by David Pogue and new features like “What We’re