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Dominican Republic in need of improved Internet connectivity

A total of 8,618,015 mobile phones are in use in the country, which means that 82.69% of the population has a telephone. Nevertheless, there are phones and there are phones. According to Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) president Gedeon Santos, 86% of the phones are not worth more than US$20. 9201

Do cyber cafés still have a place in the Caribbean?

Over the past few years there has been an increasing focus on ensuring individual (and household) take-up of Internet services, both fixed-line and mobile/cellular based. As a result, it may seem strange that there still is a market for Internet/cyber cafés, and that they might not yet be diminishing in

Cuba reports little Internet and telecom progress

Cubans' ability to communicate with one another and the world remained well below the norm for the Caribbean and Latin America in 2009, according to a government report released this week. Despite the legalization of mobile phones in 2008 there were just 1.8 million phone lines

Why I do not need Cable TV again. Well sort of…

I've timeshifted and I'm spoilt for choice. And the fact is, there are ten of thousands of us in Jamaica, millions in the Caribbean and tens of millions around the world who are also in this place. The place where having choice is standard and your life just doesn't facilitate

Take control of your business name on the Internet

Many consumers believe that if businesses with which they are unfamiliar do not have a presence on the Internet, it smacks of illegitimacy or lack of class. For many, as soon as they hear of something new, the first thing to do is "google" it. Successful and growing businesses should