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Gadget Review: Samsung Galaxy S 111 A Solid, Sexy Swipe at the iPhone and Blackberry

This Samsung Galaxy 111 is an initial and massive missive into the Blackberry World that is Jamaica and the Caribbean. The  Samsung Galaxy 11 was a whisper, the 111 now, is a jump, scream and shout of a product and here’s why. I got the phone at the Samsung launch in Kingston with its local partner Digicel. It was just before I left for London vacation, so it was a great time of summer with the Olympics and all, to give this phone a good workout. So my review reflects how I used it, what I loved most and what I discovered by accident as well. Hence the Sexy, the Screen, the Camera, The ScreenShot, the MicroSim experience mini headings.

The Sexy

At first look the phone seems big, because the  huge screen. That big screen is perfect for photo and HD video playback, reading articles and documents on the go and not to mention fantastic for gamers. But let me start with that first catches your eye with this Phone, it’s sexy. This casing I have is the glossy marble white, but it’s when you switch to the Apps screen and those icons pop out at you in vibrant technicolour that you smile.

How to SMS, Chat with friends across iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia platforms for free

WHAT’S APP is a godsend when you have friends flung across the various phone platforms – Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia. It’s a free mobile messaging app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia. You can use it to send text, video, images, audio for free.

How come? Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. It also works with Wifi. In addition to basic messaging iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages. Download it here.

Digicel Buys Out Claro Jamaica – What does it mean for the Jamaican Consumer?

In an unexepected move, that has caught everyone off gaurd and by MEGA surprise, Digicel acquires Claro Jamaica.What could this buyout/merger mean, as it stands now it raises more questions than answers for ICT industry.  What do we stand to gain or loose. Will iPhone become available to the masses, is this the beginning of the end of Blackberry Country? more


15+ Worthwhile Ways to Kill Some Time on Your Mobile

There’s nothing wrong with being one of the 42 million people who have enjoyed launching virtual birds at virtual pigs when few other options for entertainment presented themselves.

But you have to admit that, especially with a resource like a smartphone in hand, there are probably better ways to spend your time. All that computing power, mobile Internet (Internet) and flashy display can actually get something accomplished.

Start off 2011 right by putting away your Angry Birds (Angry Birds) (sometimes) and downloading some apps that could improve your life in addition to curing short bursts of boredom. Here are some ideas to get you started. More at Mashable

RIM Dances Into a New Market With BlackBerry 6.0

RIM’s released video footage of its upcoming BlackBerry 6.0 software–its answer to Android and iPhones. The interface itself is a little unsurprising, but the message behind the vid is clear: RIM is cool, and not just for business stiffs.

We already described how the BlackBerry hardware is suffering a bit of an image problem–the recent minor upgrades almost amount to incremental product spam. Hence the company’s future smartphone fortunes, assuming it wants to remain at least proximal to the bleeding edge of smartphones, hinges on the new touch-friendly 6.0 firmware. And part of getting that exciting newness known to the smartphone-buying public is to advertise it. More

Android Jumps Past iPhone in US Mobile Web Use

Android is still lagging behind the iPhone in marketshare, with only 9% market penetration in the US (iPhone is around 25%). But according to new numbers from online ad giant AdMob, Android actually passed the iPhone in mobile web use this month.

This is all US-only–internationally, the iPhone is much better established than Android. But here in the States, Android accounted for 46% of online mobile traffic, compared with Apple’s 39%. The other players, by the way, don’t even enter the picture. RIM’s BlackBerry phones are in third place, with 7%, and Palm’s struggling WebOS only eked out 3% despite a recent Verizon launch.More

Apple vs. FutureWave Software/Macromedia/Adobe Flash and Google

I have always been an advocate of rich multimedia applications, motion graphics, and video ever since I started to develop for the Internet in 1995. I will give a brief history that will illustrate the importance of Flash and its contribution to the web and cross-platform presentations and why Apple’s fight with Adobe is really, an Apple fight with Google.

Instant-Use phone by BIC

BIC, the French purveyor of billions of lighters, pens and razors, recently launched the anti-iPhone. No waiting in line, no activation, no costly plans and no frills whatsoever. BIC phones, which retail at EUR 49 and come in orange and green versions, are ready to go: the battery is charged, SIM card installed and the phone comes with 10 talk minutes that are valid without registering with network provider Orange. Once the 10 minutes are up, customers can activate with Orange for a further 50 free minutes, and can buy top-up cards for more talk time. More