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15+ Worthwhile Ways to Kill Some Time on Your Mobile

There’s nothing wrong with being one of the 42 million people who have enjoyed launching virtual birds at virtual pigs when few other options for entertainment presented themselves. But you have to admit that, especially with a resource like a smartphone in hand, there are probably better ways

RIM Dances Into a New Market With BlackBerry 6.0

RIM's released video footage of its upcoming BlackBerry 6.0 software--its answer to Android and iPhones. The interface itself is a little unsurprising, but the message behind the vid is clear: RIM is cool, and not just for business stiffs. We already described how the BlackBerry hardware is

Android Jumps Past iPhone in US Mobile Web Use

Android is still lagging behind the iPhone in marketshare, with only 9% market penetration in the US (iPhone is around 25%). But according to new numbers from online ad giant AdMob, Android actually passed the iPhone in mobile web use this month. This is all US-only--internationally,

Apple vs. FutureWave Software/Macromedia/Adobe Flash and Google

I have always been an advocate of rich multimedia applications, motion graphics, and video ever since I started to develop for the Internet in 1995. I will give a brief history that will illustrate the importance of Flash and its contribution to the web and cross-platform presentations and why Apple's

Instant-Use phone by BIC

BIC, the French purveyor of billions of lighters, pens and razors, recently launched the anti-iPhone. No waiting in line, no activation, no costly plans and no frills whatsoever. BIC phones, which retail at EUR 49 and come in orange and green versions, are ready to go: the battery is charged,