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Caribbean Bloggers Week Starts Online Today! A Message from the Founder Ingrid Riley

I want to amplify the magnificence and stunning current work and potential of our Caribbean Digital Content Creators - the bloggers, the podcasters, the Youtubers, Instagrammers and other Digital Creatives. That's been the essence of why I launched our first inaugural Caribbean Bloggers Week on October 7th, when I was in

Jamaica Tourist Board’s Travel Webisode “Pon Di Road” voted 1 of 5 travel brands inspiring Wanderlust on Youtube

The story 5 Travel Brands Inspiring Wanderlust on YouTube  called the Jamaica Tourist Board's Travel Webisode "Pon Di Road" as the number 3 travel brand inspiring Wanderlust on Youtube. It said 3. Jamaica Tourist Board What's Jamaica really like? The Jamaica Tourist Board sought to answer that question in 2010 with a web

Jamaica Tourist Board Facebook Fan Page to hit 70,000 today

The Official Facebook Fan Page of the Jamaica Tourist Board(JTB) is expected to hit 70,000 Fans today. They took over the Fan page from David Mullings, RealVibez Media who started it in the year of Olympics in 2008, awesome timing, but lost admin rights for over a year because