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Jamaica Tourist Board’s Travel Webisode “Pon Di Road” voted 1 of 5 travel brands inspiring Wanderlust on Youtube

Pon di Road Travel Webdisode

The story 5 Travel Brands Inspiring Wanderlust on YouTube  called the Jamaica Tourist Board’s Travel Webisode “Pon Di Road” as the number 3 travel brand inspiring Wanderlust on Youtube.

It said

What’s Jamaica really like? The Jamaica Tourist Board sought to answer that question in 2010 with a web series called Pon Di Road that featured Calee and Stephen, a couple that takes a somewhat ritzy view of the island nation. Like Undercover Tourist’s channel, the videos here aren’t slickly produced, but provide a decent view of what it would be like to take a trip to Jamaica.


RIM’s Blackberry Playbook demo at Caribbean Marketplace today

That's me holding and salivating over the Blackberry PLaybook

Exclusive: I love it when things come together. I was hanging out in the Jamaica Tourist Board Booth at Caribbean Marketplace the Tourism Trade Show in Montego Bay which is playing host to 1400 delegates from 30 countries in what I also call the Sales Olympics for the Tourism Industry. So I was there and the Digicel people brought in the representative from…hold your breath…RIM…yes the people that have made us into blackberry addicts. It’s why I got to hold and play with the prototype of….drum roll…the Blackberry Playbook that will be out in US in March and worldwide in APril. One word. Breathtaking. On Two Words. Yummy. Thanks to Valerie Powell, Consumer Business Development Manager for Latin America for giving me the touch and play demo.

The marketing team from JTB headed by David Shields, Deputy Director of Tourism,Marketing and Sophia Wilson who runs the Website/ecommerce department for became instant fan boy and fan girl as well.

David Shields, Director of Marketing, Jamaica Tourist Board checking out the touch screen keyboard

Additionally, based on my meeting with Ms Powell, a couple of Jamaica government entities are in talks with RIM to develop apps for their area of focus for the Jamaica and Caribbean Market. Exciting stuff!

Travel Tuesday: Jamaica Tourist Board creates Twitter account to tweet deals and promotions exclusively

@VisitJamaicaNow, the twitter account from the Jamaica Tourist Board was created to provide a direct pipeline for Jamaica travel deals and promotions around airfare, hotels, attractions and events, as of today it has over 740 followers, or most travel agents and deal hunters in the United States, Jamaica, United Kingdom and Canada.

Jamaica Tourist Board “airs” their travel webisode series Pon Di Road in Jamaica today on YouTube

The Jamaica Tourist Board in its continuing moves to promote Jamaica in fresh ways, will launch its 15 part travel webisode series Pon Di Road with Calee and Stephen today on youtube. The series which was shot by Rick Elgood of Geejam Film and scored by Geejam Studios takes you from the ritzy to the roadside; across flat bridges to the top of the 1,000 ft water falls; from candle lit beach side dinners to racing bobsleds though treetops. It has been described is for those who deserve to visit Jamaica and for those who have, to remember why.  Pon Di Road in Jamaica launches today at 5pm EST ( Jamaica time) on Just last week the Jamaica Tourist Board hosted their first ever Blogger’s Meetup in Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios with  22 American and Jamaican bloggers- another social media initiative.

What is a Webisode? A webisode is simply a web episode – collectively it is part of a web series, which airs initially as Internet television, either downloaded or streamed as opposed to first airing on broadcast or cable television. While there is no set standard for length, most webisodes are relatively short, ranging from 4–15 minutes in length. – Wikipedia

Jamaica Tourist Board Facebook Fan Page to hit 70,000 today

The Official Facebook Fan Page of the Jamaica Tourist Board(JTB) is expected to hit 70,000 Fans today. They took over the Fan page from David Mullings, RealVibez Media who started it in the year of Olympics in 2008, awesome timing, but lost admin rights for over a year because of some Facebook rule which no longer exists thankfully.

The love of Jamaica never waned though as Fans across the world kept it going and growing. Mullings handed it over to JTB who officially took it over just over a month ago, got admin rights restored to the JTB and started started updates along a structure and strategy ( which included the design of custom pages MyJa, VibesJa, AboutJa) now unfolding as the Jamaica Tourist Board gets more social – on Facebook, Twitter soley tweeting promotions and deals and YouTube with three channels VibesJamaica, AboutJamaica, MyJamaica with many more Internet marketing initiatives to unfold over the next year.

It is a recognition by the leadership of the JTB  that over 70% of travel decisions are made online and increasingly those  buying decisions are being influenced by varying factors, the most recent and most potent of which is social media.

Jamaica Tourist Board’s Visit Jamaica Twitter ID brandjacked?

Less than two weeks ago, Jamaica Tourist Board( JTB) announced that it’ll be paying attention to more social media. Duh, they are about a year late and I do hope that includes giving their website a social and design make over too. As too often we see organisations who feel that see social media as the curious after thought not as an integral part of their marketing strategy. No surprise then that their , @visitjamaica ID is well gone, taken…brand jacked by some person who captured it from

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Jamaica Tourist Board to invest more in social media

The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) two years ago joined the throng of marketers tapping social networking sites as a way to drum up business when it revamped its website.

Now, the agency is investing millions to develop a channel on YouTube, according to David Shields, deputy director of tourism in charge of marketing at the JTB.

“What we are using the social media to do is to engage a social environment and interaction and hopefully, conversion of sales,” said Shields. “We can also use the social media not just to engage persons, but also to deal proactively with issues that we might want to focus on.”