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Caribbean Crime app designers focus on campus security

The designers of a mobile crime alert application (app), which was soft-launched on the Android smartphone operating system in September, say they plan to earn from regional university campuses. So far, at least 1,000 users in Jamaica have downloaded the CrimeBot app, creating a small group of citizens conversing on

ICT Offers Jamaicans Best Solution For Unemployment

WHILE THOUSANDS of individuals graduate from various secondary and tertiary institutions annually with no job prospects, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell has said information communication technology (ICT) is the best solution for unemployment. 9078

Jamaican parents will soon be asked to pay for Tablets

Parents will be required to absorb the cost of tablet computers after the 30,000 devices now being distributed free to 30 schools islandwide under the $1.4 billion Schools Tablet Computer Programme pilot, has ended.  "We recognise that this project is very costly and when you think about the pilot only

Small Businesses and ICT

To establish almost any business takes, among other things, hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Globally, well over 90% of businesses are classified as micro-enterprises, that is having less 10 employees, and in many instances, they comprise just the business owner. A recent survey conducted by the Jamaica Business Development Corporation

Jamaica Set to Launch Internet Exchange Point in August

TECH NEWS- Jamaica is expected to benefit significantly from an Internet exchange point facility, which the ministry of science, technology, energy and mining expects to have in place by August. The IXP enables Internet traffic-routing within the country where the provision exists, instead of through external providers, as currently is

Where did Claro Jamaica’s Website Go?

Glad we did a screen grab a few weeks ago so IF, or maybe when Digicel/Claro deal is cemented and The Government of Jamaica okays what will in essence be another monopoly we have evidence of increased prices and changes in packages. That said we went to the site today

Memories of the Last Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup ( VIDEO)

The Next Jamaica Pegasus Tweet up is this Friday, February 11th, 2011 dubbed "Tweetheart" and yes if you're reading this with your mouth wide open because you forgot to sign up. It's sorta late. The First 200 invites went within minutes and the new issues of 50 invites each are