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5 Jamaican Visual Artists with an Online Portfolio

If you’re a big art fanatic you hardly have to leave your house anymore these days to appreciate the work thats available out there. The Internet brings everything to your fingertips and there are a few savvy Jamaican artists who are taking advantage of it to keep you very well

Four Online Shopping Trends for Jamaica in 2011

1. Digital Coupons - is like the for Jamaica. What they do is to secure discounts from merchants and make them available to people who sign up to save on their purchases of goods and services across Jamaica. You can Print the voucher, then present it at the

When Facebook doesn’t speak Jamaican

I was on Facebook last night and what popped up on the right side of my laptop screen? The ad above, that screamed a Jamaican bad word.  The gatekeepers who approved this ad, clearly are unfamiliar with Jamaican culture. For my international readers the word is "rass" I'd say is

Who wants to be Mayor on Foursquare?

Who wants to be Mayor? on Foursquare that is. I'm really not surprised that Foursquare is taking off fast here in Jamaica, the land of  100% mobile penetration. Who doesn't like clicking "check in" on their smart phones as they mosey on into their favourite places to drink, eat or

The Market has determined it

Those are the five words I've been hearing alot these past two weeks as I attend back to back meetings with marketing executives and CEOs of Jamaican companies across industries such as tourism, food and beverage and export. They are now ready to change the way they develop products, deliver

Bottom Feeder, Game Changer- Which one are you?

I remember when I had just started to grow my then web development company Dutchpot Interactive from 2003-2006. We enjoyed brisk business primarily because of our customer service, design talents and our keen understanding of the business context of why companies must be online. In house at our Seymour Park