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Why I do not need Cable TV again. Well sort of…

I've timeshifted and I'm spoilt for choice. And the fact is, there are ten of thousands of us in Jamaica, millions in the Caribbean and tens of millions around the world who are also in this place. The place where having choice is standard and your life just doesn't facilitate

Usain Bolt Number 1 on Yahoo Search…then nuh muss

Everybody loves a winner and with his two World Records and two World Championship medals, on the last two days on his 22nd birthday, you bet everyone's going to want to know...a who him, who the hell is Usain Bolt, tell me everything. He's been the number one trending topic

What will Caribbean Companies do with the Web in 2009 ?

I've been in the internet, mobile and tech industry for about ten years and have been a keen observer of Jamaican and Caribbean companies and their willingness to wait and watch what others do first instead of observing, seeking to know, accepting and positioning themselves for the inevitable. 1187