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Over 500,000 Jamaicans now on Facebook..ohh yeah!

On November 23rd 2010, yes two months ago exactly, there were 429,160 Jamaicans on Facebook and for the latter part of 2010, the growth rate was averaging 20,000 new Jamaicans every 30 days. Now as of today there are 500,520 Jamaicans on Facebook. This is an increase of 71,360

Jamaicans pour unto Facebook 429,160 now on the social network

If this number doesn't make Jamaican brands with Jamaican target audiences sit up straight in their chair, I don't know what else will. As of today, there are 429,160 Jamaicans who live in Jamaica on Facebook. The growth has been averaging 20,000 new Jamaicans every 30 days with women numbering

PNP Leader Portia Simpson-Miller, Mama P is on Facebook?

Last weekend, Jamaica's Opposition political party the People's National Party (PNP) had its 71st annual conference at the National Arena in Kingston. There they declared that "This conference is about rebuilding the party, its structures and its organisations. It is to make sure that we recruit the people, young men

New York-based Jamaicans Talk It Up Phone Study Says

When it comes to calling back home, New York-based Jamaicans are racking up those minutes. According to a new report by Saskia Sassen, titled New York City's Two Global Geographies Of Talk, Kingston, Jamaica accounted for about ten percent of all calls out of Brooklyn, according to AT&T data analyzed. And together,