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ICT Access and Rural Women Empowerment

Marita Seara Fernández, who blogs on Mujeres construyendo (Women building), calls for the empowerment of rural woman and explains that according to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 58 million women in Latin America and the Caribbean live in rural areas and 4 and a half million are farmers. 9207

Latin Americans and Asians love Instant Messaging

According to a May 2011 Comscore Report showed that Latin Americans and Asians are spending the most time on Instant Messengers. In terms of time spent on Instant Messengers, Brazil led with visitors averaging 8.5 hours on IM during the month, followed by users in Hong Kong at 7.6 hours

Cuba reports little Internet and telecom progress

Cubans' ability to communicate with one another and the world remained well below the norm for the Caribbean and Latin America in 2009, according to a government report released this week. Despite the legalization of mobile phones in 2008 there were just 1.8 million phone lines