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Jamaica Takes Lead in Regional Telecoms Talks, after Liberty Global Announces CWC Acquisition

KINGSTON, Jamaica—A multi billion-dollar telecommunications deal, touted as a significant growth opportunity for the Caribbean information and communication technology sector, has come under the scrutiny of the Jamaican government. Liberty Global announced the completion of its US$5 billion cash-and-stock takeover of Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) on May 16. The combined

Fiber networks expand across Cayman

Competition among cable and Internet providers is pushing into a new phase with the rollout of fiber networks. The technology, which uses fiber optic cables to deliver faster access to television and Internet, is relatively new to Cayman, but telecom companies here are making serious investments to build out the

Time To Revisit Caribbean Telecom Regulations

Outmoded Policy Hindering Development, Hurting Consumers The move by two major Caribbean mobile providers to block access to popular Internet-based telephony services continues to capture regional attention. Their action has provoked the ire of consumers, caught the attention of Internet advocates and forced the engagement of national regulators. But perhaps most

Defending An Open Caribbean Internet

Why Blocking VoIP Services is Bad for Consumers and Bad for the Region “…we are empowering individuals and businesses to get the best out of the internet when and how they want.” - Mark Linehan, CEO of Digicel Jamaica In general, it is always troubling when private firms place their profit-driven interests

A case of mixed signals? Blocking VoIP in the Caribbean

OPINION - Since Sunday, 29 June, consumers across the Caribbean have been in an uproar over telecoms, especially mobile/cellular providers, blocking applications and services on their networks that use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Generally, the term VoIP speaks to technologies that are used to deliver voice communications and multimedia

Balancing wages and competitiveness in Caribbean Tech Industry

  Following a series of salary disputes in telecoms sectors across the region, this post offers some thoughts on two frequently opposing considerations: wages and competitiveness. Over the last few weeks, there have been regular news reports of employee discontent in a few of the telecoms companies across the Caribbean region.

88 per cent of Jamaican mobile users on Digicel network

MORE than 88 per cent of Jamaican mobile users are Digicel customers, according to the results of an islandwide survey released by the Mona School of Business at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona today. Claro, which is being acquired by Digicel, has 15 per cent

Jamaican schools to go high-tech with a $543million Internet Plan

The Government has started to roll out an ambitious multimillion-dollar project designed to place high-speed Internet in schools, post offices and public libraries across the island within 18 months."Any community, however remote, which has a public secondary or high school will be provided with facilities for Internet access," Daryl Vaz,

LIME Launches iPhone/iPod/iPad App..Call Jamaica from the USA

Jamaica’s telecom war seems to be headed to the Web and mobile platforms and well, it's were most people are spending their time anyway.  With the local jamaican market in the mature phase, the new battleground seems to be the large US and Canadian Jamaican Diaspora. They are said to