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Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work

I've been saying it, many people have been living it, too many companies have been resisting it...even though it's irreversible- the definition of work, where and how it's done has changed forever. The digital age has saw to it. Seth Godin has been preaching it, " Goodbye to the office"

The Courage to Be Indispensable

I've never hidden the fact that I'm a huge fan of thinker, blogger,entrepreneur and change agent Seth Godin. I'm an unapologetic Godin Fan Girl. His blog, is one of the few blogs I read every single day. He's one of the few business thinkers for whom I have every single

How to protect your ideas in the digital age

Seth Godin, who has written 12 bestsellers that have been translated into 33 languages, is an in demand global speaker, digital age trend watcher and thinker is one of my mentors. I've bought and read his books, watched his videos and read his blog religiously. I was commissioned to do

My Top 5 Favourite Seth Godin blog posts

I read a lot of blogs and many of them every single day. One of my must read blogs is Seth Godin, thought provoking marketing guru and who’s books Tribes, The Dip, Meatball Sundae, Small is the New Big, All Marketers are Liars,Purple Cow, Unleashing the Idea Virus, Permission