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What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is an idea that spreads--and an idea that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or cause. Two kinds of viral marketing: The original classic sort in which the marketing is the product and which a self-amplifying cycle occurs. Hotmail, for example, or YouTube. The

Warning: The internet is almost full

Seth Godin, who's latest book Tribes, I am still reading wrote a provocative blog post today, so I had to share. It starts now. Due to the extraordinary explosion in video, blogs, news feeds and social network postings, the internet is dangerously close to running out of room. Nothing can

How to make money using the Internet

I saw this and had to share it. And if you've been reading this blog enough you know I think very, very highly of Seth, in fact I am writing this from my desk which has all of the five books I've ought and read by Seth Godin. But check

Too good to be true (the overnight millionaire scam)

You probably don't need to read this, but I bet you know people who do. Please feel free to repost or forward: Times are tough, and many say they are going to be tougher. That makes some people more focused, it turns others desperate. You may be tempted at some point