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What to expect from in 2012

We kicked off 2012 by  defining Silicon Caribe “Where is Silicon Caribe and how do you get there? and hence the name of this blog. We delcared that ” we can now dub SiliconCaribe a place – a region, home to our Caribbean Tech Startups and established Tech Companies – our Caribbean Tech Community and growing industry.  It’s a name we’ve precociously given to our blossoming Caribbean Tech industry, a blossoming culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.”

We’ve also shared that a major focus of ours from here on in is to put a face to the growing Caribbean Tech Community worldwide. Who is Silicon Caribe? We’re Putting a Face to the Caribbean Tech Community.  So what else can you expect from us this year? Here it is in a nutshell.

We’re going to be leveraging our network and investigative skills so expect more breaking news and exclusive interviews. We’ll also be deleting what we’ve seen to be the least appealing categories and adding some fresh ones, we’ll be revealing those over the next couple of weeks. Also, watch for our special reports and series that are topic specific.

You’ll be seeing this new category called SC Byte- this is where we’ll selectively take a paragraph of news that matters from other sources, add no more than two sentences of our analysis and link you to the longer story if you want to know more. We’ll keep it updated as often as possible.

Additionally, you will be seeing a bit more opinionated posts from me and a few guest bloggers, yep we have lots to say and we know you’ll want to chime in too. All in all, as we approach out 1,000th blog post, we’re going to have more fun, get better over time at being the go to site, when you want to know what Caribbean people and companies are doing online and with technology.

Who is Silicon Caribe? We’re Putting a Face to the Caribbean Tech Community

Who is Silicon Caribe?

Starting Wednesday, February 1, 2012, we’re going to put a face to the Caribbean Tech Community especially startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. Plus the many others who are  part of the growing ecosystem that’s supporting and driving tech entrepreneurship, startups, tech jobs and innovation across the Caribbean.

The people behind the products, company and culture that’s making things happening in Silicon Caribe – the place, the region that is home to our startups and established brands. We’re going to be profiling them, asking them lots of questions.

Know a few people you think we should talk to and profile? Tell us



Jamaica Blog Awards: voted in the Top 5 Best Technology Blogs

The inaugural Jamaica Blog Awards will be on January 16,2011 at the Jamaica Pegasus. So far, almost 300  blogs have been nominated. is one  for the Best Technology Blog Category and last night in the Top5 reveal show, from round 1 of voting, we made it to the Top 5  Best Technology Blogs thanks to you our known and unknown supporters at home and abroad. Thanks so much. The Voting continues online as you can vote for us every 24hrs and if you’re in Jamaica you can vote for us by SMS and IVR.  Help us win The Best Technology Blog Category. More details on Jamaica Blog Awards Site.

Claro goes for Digicel’s jugular:Their attack ad campaigns goes up another notch

Jamaica’s not used to this style of advertising-Confrontational, use of a competitor’s colours and clear references. It’s more, well, American. In Jamaica we’ve grown used to the British, conservative, safe and frankly rather polite and boring way of advertising things. The market has now gotten a shake up as Claro the well heeled, mobile service provider newbie is doing things very differently.

Yes Digicel boasted that they had over 20,000 Facebook Fans in less than 2 months by doing what one of the things they do well, engaging their loyal consumers with credit giveaways and promotions. Claro’s presence on Facebook on the other hand, has been, well negligible. Somewhat expected I think, as Digicel is still number one in the marketplace, they still enjoy great affinity and Claro is still third in many people’s minds even as they announced they were now number 2. BUT and a big but here, is that Claro is positioning themselves as new and of greater value for money in an environment where many Jamaicans are counting their coins and being selective about where to spend them.

So Claro decides to grab their attention and enter the social media space differently.

The Culture of Entrepreneurship, attitude towards failure…in the Caribbean, are we there yet?

When I watched this, my mind flashed back to Jamaica, the Caribbean’s Silicon Valley…a Silicon Caribe in effect and why our dot com industry has not grown as much as we’d like to in the past years. Randy Komisar, an American venture capitalist speaks to a culture of entrepreneurship and an attitude towards failure we are yet to achieve here in the Caribbean. Regardless of this, what I personally have been seeing and experiencing in the past 10 years- meeting, listening to the entrepreneurs who have created, launched and failed; the ones who have created and are growing slowly or stagnating because of lack of venture or angel funds, partners and expert guide- I salute you all.

You’ve been the ones tilling the soil, adding your ideas to what is invariably growing, maybe not as fast as we’d like, but nonetheless growing that culture of entrepreneurship, an understanding that technology has made it easier for us to create, launch, test,fail…earn our stripes and the right to try again and again.

We should embrace that, encourage that in each other. Funny, this was the very reason for me starting SiliconCaribe the blog 4 years ago(previously known as techwatchcaribbean) and then Kingston Beta– Caribbean entrepreneurs are just as bright and full of ideas as the next dude and girl in America or Europe, but our culture of entrepreneurship and attitude towards failure is not there yet. In my mind however, our shoes are pointed in the right direction. What do you think? now has a sister… is the Caribbean and Latin America CellPhone Blog. The goal is to connect readers to cellphone news,trends, products and companies that impact their daily lives. It’s a Caribbean Flavoured Guide to What Caribbean People and Caribbean Companies worldwide are doing with the Mobile Phone. is part of a fast growing Caribbean Blog Media Network that includes BlogsCaribe and and has just over 100,000 unique readers monthly.
The Caribbean Blog Media Network is a product of Connectimass, a Digital Marketing Firm based in Kingston,Jamaica and Atlanta, USA.

Digicel Electronics Show: SiliconCaribe TV will be there

I’m looking forward to the Digicel Electronics Show next weekend, May 16th and May 17th at the Hilton Hotel. We know they have the midas touch so we anticipate uncovering some cool people, products and information.