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Reimagining Jamaica’s Agriculture Data Infrastructure

by Matthew McNaughton In 2016, the newly elected Jamaican Government set out an ambitious target of achieving 5% GDP growth in four years. To much public surprise, in the third quarter of that year, Jamaica recorded an impressive 2.2% GDP growth rate, the strongest real GDP growth estimate in nine years.

Caribbean Startup Ecosystem News Round-Up

I get a lot of emails, calls and have meetings every week with entrepreneurs, investors, mentors across the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem and the Diaspora. There is alot of activity going on and we all should be excited it about it. Having kick started the Jamaican Tech Startup Community back in

How Slashroots Foundation’s Code for the Caribbean saved Jamaica’s Government and Agrisector millions of $$$

The SlashRoots Foundation ("SlashRoots") is a civic tech non-profit that leverages technology to create solutions to social problems endemic to the Caribbean region. SlashRoots works with governments, development organizations and civil society to improve public service program design and delivery, with a focus on open innovation and user-centred design. SlashRoots also

NOW OPEN FOR PITCHES! Kingston BETA – Networking Mixer and Startup Showcase on February 27th

CONNECTiMASS, the triple award-winning media and events non profit that's been empowering the next generation of Caribbean technology and business leaders through it's media initiatives and community and capacity building events-  kicks off  Kingston BETA its 2014 Tech Startup Event series on Thursday February 27th 6 30pm at The Pegasus Hotel.

Open Data, Government Service and Business Innovation

The Internet has ushered us into an era where more people have access to unprecedented volume of information. This access has in turn triggered a seemingly insatiable desire for more information, more quickly and more conveniently. Why? People want access to information to translate into new knowledge After all, knowledge

SlashRoots is Developing the Caribbean:… across 3 Countries…with 1 Amazing Conference

The annual SlashRoots Developers Conference is on, this January 26th-27th with the theme "Developing The Caribbean. After scoring 400 attendees over 2 days and 15 developer teams for its Code Print competition in 2011 it's inaugural year,in 2012 it grows Caribbean. The SlashRoots “Developing the Caribbean” Conference/Developers Competition is the first