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EVENT: FROM SCRIPT to SALES- How to become an eBook Success Story

CONNECTiD - Digital Marketing Strategists in association with  the Book Industry Association of Jamaica ( BIAJ) will stage an event around the topic of ebooks. The title of the 2hr seminar "FROM SCRIPT to SALES-How to become an eBook Success Story" will take place on Thursday September 27th, 2012 at

40% of the Barbadian population are on Facebook

Barbados I keep hearing has the most sophisticated IT infrastructure in the Region. Hence why they can make bold mission statements that they are gunning to be the #1 hub for entrepreneurial activity worldwide. Hmmm. Are they social? We found that there are now 107,500 Bajans on Facebook as of


Today the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) hit a Facebook milestone as it reached 100,000 fans of the destination’s official Facebook page, Jamaica is the first Caribbean destination to reach this social media milestone. “As the landscape of media changes, so must our efforts to market destination Jamaica,” said Jamaica’s

Flashback: Top 10 stories on this week in August 2009

Take a look back as to what we were writing about this week last year. Have a look at our Top 10 stories on this week in August 2009. 1. Whoaa!! Jamaican Computer Hacker in police custody 2.PUKSHOP.COM-World’s first integrated digital Caribbean music, video download and jukebox store ? 3. Think Social

The No. 1 reason Jamaican companies are scared of Social Media (updated with Turn Around Case Study)

Yesterday I was interviewed by Yvonne Nicholson, Business Communications Consultant with ROCommunications Jamaica and Jamaica Observer columnist on Why businesses fear social media.  Her column was  published today in the Jamaica Observer and I was quoted a couple of times. You can read the article here "Why businesses fear social