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EVENT: FROM SCRIPT to SALES- How to become an eBook Success Story

CONNECTiD – Digital Marketing Strategists in association with  the Book Industry Association of Jamaica ( BIAJ) will stage an event around the topic of ebooks. The title of the 2hr seminar “FROM SCRIPT to SALES-How to become an eBook Success Story” will take place on Thursday September 27th, 2012 at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston starting at 7pm. We chose to have it this week during Global Social Media Week.

The seminar which is free and open to the public, will have a panel of ebook authors, publishers, distributors as well as an education ministry representative and an ebook designer. There will be many other resource persons in the audience to satisfy the curious and the serious.

Speakers are:

Jamaican Tech Entrepreneur Alex Morrisey’s gets featured on

Alex Morrissey at Kingston BETA event

I remember when I met Alex Morrisey at a Kingston BETA event and I was encouraging him to pitch a startup business idea soon. He smiled and said I will have something to talk about soon. That he did. He had already launched and was taking it to another level before shouting it to the world. When he was in the throws of making his brand visible and remarkable he pitched it at Kingston BETA and shared his story of why, how and what it took and where he’s going.

He’s taken Jamaican music and culture to the world…using the Web. His story told to members of the Kingston BETA community, shared on, written on by Jamaican mainstream media is now beind told on a hugely popular online magazine that helps businesses answer social media questions with useful how to articles, in-depth case studies, expert interviews, and original research.
The article Facebook Geotargeting Draws 500,000 Fans for Small Biz just got published. Read it. We’re proud. These are the Jamaican/Caribbean Startup Success stories we are working to have more of. The Tech Industry will spawn economic development…startups, jobs and innovation for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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Kingston BETA- educates, supports and connects Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs. The next event is on Thursday, September 29th, 2011 blows pass Digicel to become #1 Caribbean Facebook Fan Community’s Founder launches online dancehall/reggae game

Who’s the main keynote speaker at Caribbean BETA? Marc Canter…Who? ( Video)

It was the Year of Social Media-Top 15 Most Read Posts on for 2010

It was an exciting year, we covered new areas such as Travel, we got more into Mobile. It was certainly the year of Social Media as Jamaica and the Caribbean woke up to it big time. The year also gave us an inkling as to what will be happening this year and we believe it will be the Caribbean startups and the entrepreneurs behind them, that will be the stars of SiliconCaribe and the Caribbean in 2011. They are seeing the possibilities, doing things differently and no longer see their geographical location as  a hindrance but as a matter of fact and a jump off point.

These are our top stories for 2010 and we culled this list based on the combination of the number of likes, comments,tweets and that days spike in readership. Enjoy the ones you’ve missed and relive the joy of reading the ones you’re familiar with. Happy New Year to you all.

1. Reggae Music Lessons: Top 3 Reasons Reggae Music Sales Suck and How to change it

2. Four Online Shopping Trends for 2011

3. The Caribbean Helping HAITI: Here’s How- Online, by Text, Drop it Off

4. Travel Tuesday: Jamaica Pegasus the most influential Jamaican hotel on Twitter

5. Screw the “Pretty”, It’s about the $$$. Well done Jamaica Gleaner

6. How We Did it: Digicel, the Caribbean Brand with the largest FaceBook Fan Page Community

7. Marc Canter, Founder of Macromedia, creator of FLASH Media Player will speak at the technology event Kingston Beta in June.

8. A pre Kingston Beta Facebook Interview with Marc Canter, Founder of Macromedia, Ceo of Broadband Mechanics.

9. How A Blogger’s Meetup can market Destination Jamaica Online

10.  A Lobbying group for technology in the Caribbean ?

11. WHat’s The ROI in Social Media? – Fashion Night Out Jamaica #FNOJa on Twitter. The Stats and Maps of Success.

12. FourSquare 101 for Jamaican/Caribbean brands


14. Jamaican Internet startup seeks $20 million to fund an Online Travel site

15. Top 10 Things to do If Facebook Goes Down Again

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40% of the Barbadian population are on Facebook

Barbados I keep hearing has the most sophisticated IT infrastructure in the Region. Hence why they can make bold mission statements that they are gunning to be the #1 hub for entrepreneurial activity worldwide. Hmmm. Are they social? We found that there are now 107,500 Bajans on Facebook as of today. This against the backdrop that they have a 99.7% literacy rate and a 50% internet penetration rate, showing 142,000 internet users of their 285,653 population total. The total number of Bajan men who’ve gone social are: 47,240 vs the number of women 57,100.

Here’s the break down by age groups:
Teenagers – 13-19                    = 43,060 | Males: 20,160 | Females: 22,360
Young Adults – 18-24              = 44,340 | Males: 20,460 | Females:22,920
Young Professionals – 25-40 = 64,100 | Males: 27,500| Females: 34,440

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376,580 Trinidadians now on Facebook, 40% of their population Online.

Jamaicans pour unto Facebook 429,160 now on the social network


Today the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) hit a Facebook milestone as it reached 100,000 fans of the destination’s official Facebook page, Jamaica is the first Caribbean destination to reach this social media milestone.

“As the landscape of media changes, so must our efforts to market destination Jamaica,” said Jamaica’s Director of Tourism John Lynch. “This year we amplified our efforts to reach consumers online by taking ownership of the VisitJamaica Facebook page, creating three YouTube channels, starting a blog and launching two Twitter accounts. These platforms have created a very beneficial dialogue with our visitors, allowing the Jamaica Tourist Board to address the leading topics and trends of the day.”

Jamaica’s Facebook fan base comprises Jamaicans, Jamaican Diaspora, visitors, those planning a trip to Jamaica and those who simply wish to engage in dialogue with the JTB and other fans of the destination. The largest number of fans are located in Jamaica’s main tourism markets: the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

What’s the ROI in Social Media? – Fashion Night Out Jamaica #FNOja on Twitter. The Stats and Maps of Success

Last week Friday, here in Jamaica as well as in New York, there was Fashion Night Out (FNO). A One Night Only crazy discounts event. The #FNOja hashtag was created by Rachel Cunning @RachiebabieJa and endorsed by The Jamaica Observer – the originators of FNO Jamaica. And then it simply blew up on Twitter. Let me walk you through this success story.

Let’s start with the hashtag #FNOja. What is a hashtag? It’s simply a keyword, a short bunch of letters that describes the brand, product, site that it’s attached to, that’s easy to recognise, pass along and in the case of our web app, easy to track. They’re like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your Tweet. Anyone can create a hashtag by simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. #caribtechnews  #fnoja.

While The Jamaica Observer and the many businesses that participated have declared it an amazing success, we have declared Twitter, a resounding success in spreading the reach of Fashion Night Out Jamaica online and offline. On the workshop and conference circuit over the last two years spreading ideas, sharing strategies and case studies about how Social Media can help businesses to humanize their brands, build brand affinity and drive sales, I’m asked one question consistently.

That questions is – What’s the ROI? The Return on Investment?  Companies want to know the impact of their time and money spent on Social Media.  We can now help  companies to do just that with a new web  app I co-developed (Disclosure) with one of the Caribbean’s top Software Architects @Khary Sharpe – it’s called  SocialRecord.

3 Ideas on the Immediate Future of Social Media in Jamaica and the Caribbean

I was asked to speak at what was in fact the largest Tweetup in the Caribbean. There were 300 Jamaican tweeters hosted by the very social media savvy Kingston business hotel, the Jamaica Pegasus.  In my role as tech evangelist, I was asked to do a short and pithy presentation on the future of social media in Jamaica and the Caribbean. This is the long form version of the  3 ideas I presented.

Idea Number 1. Four main pillars of the Immediate Future of Social Media in Jamaica and the Caribbean

1. Facebook – As of Friday September 3rd have just under 370,000 Jamaicans and just over 100 Jamaicans business. The majority of those persons and businesses jumping on board within the last year.

2. Mobile phone Apps – Jamaica has a 100% mobile phone penetration, we have one of the highest talk cultures in the world. Blackberry owners represent just about 30% of the subscriber base of the largest telecom provider in Jamaica – Digicel. So it follows naturally that mobile apps would likely do well here from the position of a consumer. But this mobile culture has spawned a mobile app developer community. Just this past month alone I’ve been privy to know of the development and launch dates of 4 mobile apps from Jamaican, Barbadian and Trinidadian developers who will be releasing mobile apps between September and December this year. I’m excited and can’t wait to see how they’ll do in the regional and international market.

Flashback: Top 10 stories on this week in August 2009

Take a look back as to what we were writing about this week last year. Have a look at our Top 10 stories on this week in August 2009.

1. Whoaa!! Jamaican Computer Hacker in police custody

2.PUKSHOP.COM-World’s first integrated digital Caribbean music, video download and jukebox store ?

3. Think Social Media is a Fad? Think Again.

The No. 1 reason Jamaican companies are scared of Social Media (updated with Turn Around Case Study)

Yesterday I was interviewed by Yvonne Nicholson, Business Communications Consultant with ROCommunications Jamaica and Jamaica Observer columnist on Why businesses fear social media.  Her column was  published today in the Jamaica Observer and I was quoted a couple of times. You can read the article here “Why businesses fear social media”.

It reminded me also that I had written a similar blog post on this same issue November last year “The Number 1 reason Jamaican companies are scared of Social Media”. So I decided to update it, add a case study I usally talk about in my workshops and repost it below:

Social Media and all its multiple touch points (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, social networks,share buttons and Forums) scares some Jamaican companies and a few Caribbean ones too. They are afraid to put their company, its products and services up to public scrutiny. “What do we do when we get negative comments ?”  This is the most popular response I’ve heard over the last year from some company executives as they’ve assumed that is all they will happen when they “put themselves out there”. The two other typical responses have been “Why do we have to be so directly connected to people online ? ” , and “Ok ok so if we are really going to place ourselves out there who is going to manage it ?”

DIGICEL Jamaica’s Facebook game- Blackberry Bonanza gets 50k plays in 14 days

Digicel launched a new online game – the Digicel BlackBerry Bonanza – for the over 184,000 fans on the Digicel Facebook fan page two weeks ago and to date it has had over 50,000 plays. The goal of the Flash based game that was developed by PanMedia- is to try to place ten BlackBerry smartphones in a holster in fifty seconds or less to qualify to move on to the next round. In round two, fans are faced with a maze of BlackBerry, Digicel, math and word-related multiple-choice questions. Players in the Digicel BlackBerry Bonanza have a chance to win daily and weekly prizes of Digicel call credits and BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphones. To date Digicel’s Facebook fan Page has over 180,000 Fans, the largest so far of any Caribbean Brand.

How We Did it: Digicel, the Caribbean Brand with the largest FaceBook Fan Page Community

Digicel the seven year-old company which joined the Telecom game in Jamaica and the Caribbean as the mouth-watering buffet in front of a starving man, is now the Caribbean Brand with the largest Facebook Fan Page Community. They achieved the 100,000 Fan milestone on Tuesday March 16, 2010.  They celebrated by running a full page ad in the newspapers and of course more giveaways as thanks to their fans.

Now in an environment where internet marketing professionals and entrepreneurs push to sell Caribbean brands on the validity and value of social media specifically and generally the necessity of having an internet marketing strategy and plan, Digicel with its achievement will no doubt drive the fan rush and social media push in Jamaica and the Caribbean. At least we hope so.

We spoke to Marketing Communications Manager, Tshani Jaja about Digicel, Social Media and the Caribbean.Share your comments or ask questions when you’re finished watching.

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