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Hip Hop’s Use of Twitter

The hip hop community is one that quickly embraces new social media technology. Artists started using Ustream and Twitter long before the average person picked up those tools. All of your favorite rappers, from Jay-z to Chingy, have created accounts to further their personal brand. However, just like putting rhymes

Whoaa!! Facebook Tops Google in Directing Web Traffic

Do you still need a reason to come up with a social media strategy? New data shows an important shift in web traffic patterns. Remember last year's big news about the power of social connection: that friends could make you fatter, happier, and even sexier? Whether you're a believer or not,

Bottom Feeder, Game Changer- Which one are you?

I remember when I had just started to grow my then web development company Dutchpot Interactive from 2003-2006. We enjoyed brisk business primarily because of our customer service, design talents and our keen understanding of the business context of why companies must be online. In house at our Seymour Park

2010 is Mobile Marketing’s big Year: Are you in on it?

Mobile Mania: Maybe the only marketing trend that is hotter than social media is mobile mania. Why? Globally there are four-times more cellphones than PCs worldwide. Locally, the mobile penetration is 100% in Jamaica. Generally it's the favorite product of Gen Y. Factually, worldwide 130 billion texts will be sent