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Top 10 Things to do If Facebook Goes Down Again

So I thought, what were we all forced to do for the past 15 mins when was down. Here's a short list pulled from Twitter and my own experience. 1. Reopen that file folder of work that's on the office desk. 2. Actually Listen to that damn lecturer in front of

Social Media: Did You Know Facts

- Online Games and Virtual Worlds host over 2.5 billion identities worldwide, estimated to be worth US$14billion according to LCM Research. -Social networks boast an additional 1 billion identities (Forrester Research, 2009) that have generated over $5 billion of revenue in virtual goods in Asia alone, according to Viximo Research. - Globally

46 social media sites for Caribbean entrepreneurs

We found this list on and added our Caribbean information to it for our global Caribbean audience.They had 25 social media sites. We added 21 Caribbean Social Media sites to make it more useful for us. If you’re a entrepreneur who has been seduced by social media tools such

What Can a Facebook Fan Page do for Brand Jamaica ?

I'm Jamaican and am always searching for things Jamaican and Caribbean on the social networks that I'm a member of. So Facebook is no different. One of those searches yielded a link to a Fan Page branded simply Jamaica under the travel category. It has 35,045 fans from across the

Mainstream media…ahh no! Online media…ohhh yeah !

The relevance of mainstream coverage seems not to be an issue for this Internet Generation. I recently attended a rehearsal meeting for an upcoming event. About 10 people gathered to run through the agenda and to meet who was doing what and when. Then one person asked…so is the media