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WATCH Our “Do You Know” videos Series Now on Instagram

Today we launched the first in a series of  our Do You Know videos. In 60 seconds you will learn more about the people and businesses who have been and currently are leveraging #Technology to #innovate and change the way we live, work and play. We are showcasing the fact that Our #DigitalCaribbean has been emerging for years. So watch for fresh videos on our Instagram Channel Every Tuesday and Wednesday for the rest of 2017 - our 10th Blog Anniversary year. The first video asks...Do You Know the name of the Caribbean's first social network and who started it?  So check it out. A post shared by Silicon Caribe (@siliconcaribe) on Aug 29, 2017 at 10:20pm PDT

Jamaicans pour unto Facebook 429,160 now on the social network

If this number doesn't make Jamaican brands with Jamaican target audiences sit up straight in their chair, I don't know what else will. As of today, there are 429,160 Jamaicans who live in Jamaica on Facebook. The growth has been averaging 20,000 new Jamaicans every 30 days with women numbering almost 50,000 more than the men. Here's the break down by age groups: Teenagers - 13-19 = 222,680 | Males: 102,420 | Females: 118,240 Young Adults - 18-24 = 215,720 | Males: 97,380 | Females: 114,940 Young Professionals - 25-40 = 249,600 | Males: 105,520| Females: 138,000 All this and Jamaica's internet penetration usage rate is still just at 55% percent. Imagine the integrated marketing possibilities. Related Articles 376,580 Trinidadians now on Facebook, 40% of their population Online. Jamaicans pour unto Facebook 429,160 now on the social network steps it up again with Social Media Plugins

The led by clearly an innovative bunch of people have been unleashing some innovative moves ahead of other mainstream media houses in how they inform and engage their readers online. Today they'd done it again by embedding their Facebook Connect and Twitter features. With the Facebook Connect feature, they stream the Jamaica Observer stories that are being shared and commented on by Faceboook members and and with the Twitter Feature it shows the tweets published by them as well as the twitter conversation they are having with their 9,541 followers. 3650