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NewWaveJamaica Event is like the KingstonBETA for Reggae Music

I am night person and explorer. So it's natural for me to leave my home at 11 pm, 12midnight, even 1am in the morning to go check out something new or something familiar that I love. I love tech, I love live music and I love bars that cater to those proclivities of mine. So out I went to StonesthrowBar because I'd seen in Instagram that it was NewWave Night and I was curious and tired of working at my laptop. I said I was only going to spend an hour and that was more than enough to experience what I've called the Kingston BETA of Reggae Music. I had 60mins of sights and sounds at Stonesthrow Bar Jamaica. It was NewWave night which I heard is done by Reggae music star Protoje and his The IndiggCollective x KGN Collective on Mondays.  For me the experience was  like Kingston Beta for music. Emerging beat makers, producers and artists use the AuxCord segment ( like the Pitch segment we do at every Kingston Beta event) to showcase what they've made and what they are working on. They get to plug in their Smartphone, iPad or laptop and introduce the music they are about to play. They get to play one song which plays for an average 3 minutes. The audience is open and listens and gives their reaction with headnods, hands in the air or by dancing. It's a platform to discover who and what's coming next. It's also an event, a space