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It’s Time for The Thank Yous to All Who Supported Caribbean Bloggers Week 2016

It was an intense, exciting 60 day planning and execution sprint that saw breaking a few things, yet thankfully getting many more things right for this our first annual Caribbean Bloggers Week. We nailed the Pop Up Twitter Chat on the topic The Business of Blogging. We doubled our number of registered Caribbean blog in the blog directory and because of the awareness, the momentum is growing and we blew it outta the park regarding the four meetups in Kingston, Port of Spain, New York and London. We raised the visibility of Caribbean Bloggers in the region and in the Diaspora. We excited teh imagination of more Caribbean brands. This has been great groundwork laid, as we release our Status of the Caribbean Blogosphere Survey shortly. So from what we broke and didn't get right, we learnt our lessons and from what we did get right, we received a tonne of ideas, suggestions and also requests to have more frequent events. In short, we are happy with the results of this our first year and we happy that the theme " The Power of DIgital Influence" resonated we are on our way in achieving our mission which is - To promote + showcase established and emerging Digital Influencers in and from the Caribbean – To raise the professionalism of Caribbean Blogging. – To reveal and discuss online media and digital content trends and the power of influencers. – To connect Caribbean + Diaspora Bloggers to each other to foster education, collaboration, and innovation. – To connect