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3 reasons why Caribbean businesses should consider E-care

As the business world becomes increasingly competitive, firms are continually being driven to improve efficiencies and effectiveness. However, at the same time, technology is allowing consumers to exert even more control over the entire sales experience. It is therefore critical that businesses position themselves to be even more attuned and

Startup Weekend Jamaica To Host Entrepreneurs For a Crash Course in Creating a Business

Startup Weekend Jamaica will connect local entrepreneurs  and startup enthusiasts to share ideas and launch companies Kingston, Jamaica, Tuesday September 3rd, 2013 – Startup Weekend JAMAICA will connect local entrepreneurs, developers, designers and startup enthusiasts with mentors and resources at its first event. Throughout the period of this 54-hour event, attendees

A Lobbying group for technology in the Caribbean ?

Being based in the US I constantly here about lobbyists and the companies they work for. A little while back  the cable industry had their lobbyists hard at work because the FCC was considering some changes.  When are we going to see lobbying groups in the Caribbean

Google is now shipping 60,000 Android-based devices a day

Google is now shipping more than 60,000 Android devices per day and the number has more than doubled over the last quarter, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told the GSM Association Mobile World Congress earlier this week. “If you look at my thesis of the three intersection points - computing, connectivity