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Marc Canter, Founder of Macromedia, creator of FLASH Media Player will speak at the technology event Kingston Beta in June.

Kingston, Jamaica - Thursday, May 20th, 2010 - Marc Canter, Founder of Macromedia, the company that created FLASH Media Player, Dreamweaver, Shockwave; the video game developer; Social Networking consultant and designer; 25 year veteran and serial entrepreneur in the software business; now CEO of Broadband Mechanics - will

To Blog or Not to Blog

You can find extensive listings of Caribbean Blogs on You can find a growing list of blogs on even more so that seemed to have dived into the dotcom dead pool. You can follow some of the regularly updated Caribbean blogs on and blogjamaica. And You

Tweet This: I’m now a believer and a twitterer, here’s why

I opened my first twitter account on September 4th, 2008. I figured, I’m a technology blogger, I test-drive lots of products, services and website, so why not this-since the buzz was getting hot and heavy. After I set it for my blog,, I twittered exactly twice there after