Grace Cheng- Online forex trader and personality

grace-cheng.jpgJamaica-In my own quest to know more about online forex trading, living in Jamaica, where the forex trading subject has left the country polarised. I found a person and site recommended by John Chow, an influential blogger I read regularly.
Grace Cheng is a online forex trader and educator, very successful and has written a book about online forex trading. What I find interesting about her story, her site is that there is no hardsell, typical of American styled educators we’re used to here in Jamaica. When you read her profile, her trading and personal philosophy on forex trading, it’s almost zen like, yet shrewd.
She takes the edge off the aggressive in your face guys some of who try to sell you on a get rich quick scheme. Is she genuine, maybe and hopefully or maybe this is her slick marketing angle, who knows, but at least I don’t feel dirty when I leave her site, like someone’s been breathing all over me with a hard porn like sell. I’ve bookmarked her site for further reading. Check her site and tell me what you think.
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