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The Forex Fever Growing and Growing in Jamaica

Jamaica-We’ve written three posts on online forex trading in Jamaica and the Caribbean and by far they represent 3 of the most read posts on SiliconCaribe. As a result of that we’ve been send a lot of information on fxtrader personalities, investment clubs, self taught traders and trading platform companies

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  • I think you all are idiots over there.
    It’s hard to believe fantastic money managers and incredible traders reside now in Jamaica, a country known for its lawlessness.
    You have to ask yourselves: at 5%/month that’s 60%/year.
    If the company offers you 60%/year, how much is it left with?
    For profitablility, the compnay should also keep 60% for itself and that means the company output is 120%/year.
    If you believe that’s possible, then indeed Jamaica is a country of hot heads.

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  • Egbert Jones

    I wanted to leave a comment on the blogs but cannot see how to subscribe. Any help you can offer?

  • John Doe

    David you are shrewd investor. I can see it coming out. Experience indeed teaches wisdom

  • It is a case of who is trading and who you give your money to – but that also only plays one part, just like at the sub-prime mess in the USA – established players got hit bad too so just because someone has been trading Forex for years doesn’t mean they will ALWAYS win.

    Everything is a cycle and it is hot right now and will cool down again, some will lose their shirts, the smart ones would have taken out some of the money after they made back their principal and put the money into a traditional account that is insured.

    This way, if you lose later, you only lost what you never really had and already did FAR better than if you were with a bank anyway.

  • There are so man arguments John to support your opinion, that it will crumble soon, swiftly and horribly and then there are other arguments to support it since it’s been around for decades and decades. Isn’t it a case of who’s trading and who you give your money to?

  • John Doe

    Oh what a day when it all comes crumpling down…