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  • The only reason you come here is you are curious about making money with forex trading and you want to learn to do it. So you\’ve come t…

  • I agree with Georgia. I’m involved with one of these clubs and have been earning good returns. It’s funny to read critics from people who have not been investing in these clubs. There is a reason it is called investment clubs and not saving clubs. There will be an element of risk. High return always carries an element of risk. Forex is nothing new. Wealthy people have been trading long before common people got into it. The prophets of doom will never take any action and if there is a crash it’s not because of the system but because of greed.

  • Georgia

    I am from Jamaica myself and am interested in investing in the island. I know that 4x is legal and don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I do some trading in NY myself. Sometimes our own ignorance and tunnel vision can get in the way of progress. Some of us need to crawl out from under our rocks and see what’s going on in the rest of the world and see how other are making their monies, legally.


  • noel in Guangzhou China

    I have stumbled across this site during my search for more information. I was visited this Chinese New Year by my Family who live in Florida. They told me of their successful investments in a jamaican Forex company and I am interested in setting up an investment clup here. Formerly from Spanish Town JA. I was very interested to see what the blog had to say.

    I will keep monitoring it and contribute any new and relevant information I come by.

    Thanks for the site.