more than just extra lessons for Caribbean students

caribbean-ischool.jpg the Caribbean’s first ever multimedia online learning institution, is focused on helping Caribbean high school students excel in their Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) exams.
The subscription-based site (US$30/month) has multimedia learning methods via text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity; access to online tutors; weekly study tips via text message; scheduled live online classes taught by the leading subject teachers; lecture videos on demand plus you can create your own blog or share your views in a forum.
Outside of a few site navigation issues, the elearning site spearheaded by Christian Stokes is a solid idea that should enjoy Caribbean wide success.

  • online education is also great specially if you do not have time to attend regular schooling`’;

  • Steve

    Hmm.. now the website isn’t even up anymore. What’s with that? It was a good service, why did they take down the website??

  • Thanks David for the heads up on We’re going to check it out.

  • Has anyone heard of ?
    they off cxc csec notes on Spanish, IT, Social Studies, caribbean history and Integrated Science.
    Is free and i hear more subjects are on the way.
    CAPE Sociology aswell.
    My teacher did the Social Studies notes. The site is good and being redeveloped for next year.

  • GoGSAT prepares students for the GSAT.

  • http://www.Caribbeanexams prepares students for CSEC and CAPE.

  • Nikki

    At Steve: now you have to subscribe before you can view the videos

  • Steve

    I am wondering what has happened to the website. It seems that they are no longer offering tutoring services? Could someone shed light on what’s happening here?

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  • sorry i make a miss take i am asking u how to study for gsat

  • i am asking u how i study my gsat

  • Katherine

    just found a couple more caribbean websites for CXC students

  • thanks for the heads up Katherine. A comprehensice story on how online education is taking off in the Caribbean is on the way.

  • Katherine

    While Caribbeanischool is a very good project, it is not the first or only caribbean website dedicated to CXC students. There are a host of such websites on the internet. There are, and just to name a few.

    It think it would be a good idea for someone to compile a page with links to all those sites for CXC students to see.

  • But why not, who wrote that rule.WHat was it that and other sites doing? Is it that it’s ok for media sites and not service sites?

  • Definitely welcome more web ventures focused on teh Caribbean.

    I was surprised though to see that they are both charging a monthly subscription fee AND running advertising on the site. I know that if I paid, I don’t want to be subject to ads.