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KINGSTONPO.COM- SOCIAL NETWORK FOR DANCEHALL/REGGAE MUSIC LOVERS, is social networking website for lovers of dancehall / reggae music. This space as wide open for this, happy to see someone has jumped in and making a decent effort of it. I was surprised that this idea wasn’t already executed and online, because I personally believed if done well,

  • Hey! I’ve got a great new album for you to check out! It’s called “Above the Bones” and it’s by Mishka.

    The album is super mellow and has a great sound for the summer time…

    You can hear it NOW at:

    Just keep livin!

  • You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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  • Kurt

    I must honestly say tht i am impressed…this is a very nice website, design was good. features great…i dont seem to have an issue with the name tho, even tho i still like Ingrid’s name..i think its all about branding, you creating our own brand and doing something with it. I mean nobody heard about the word google, before sergey brin and larry page took it and turned it into a billion dollar company. no we can find the word google in the dictionary!! so whatever they choose to use will work just market and brand it properly. i really can see this the name kingstonpo taking off…good work guys, i love it honestly!

  • seems like has raise the Bar in the Caribbean social network era….

    Nice site! hope they reconsider the name before any major Marketing>Branding

  • It takes a lot to impress me being that i work for a media company and i’ve seen lot of project trying to accomplish a networking socializing experience. But i was blown away of how advance that simple site was in comparison to other caribbean social networking site.
    I’m a big fan of myspace but on to change my layout design or to add videos/music to my page its just one click buttons i don’t need to know any codes. I thought that was very impressive since large networking site like myspace haven’t accomplish that technology yet.

    Also they claim to be releasing an iphone version of the site. I’ll be waiting for that.

    So far the only thing i don’t like is the name of i’m really interested in finding out how that name came about.

  • Actually, our network within Flux is akin to creating our own network in Ning, except that users can log into, etc., as well as share content and friends across all the networks.

    I understand that we did not create our own “walled garden” but I don’t think that is the right approach, especially since the latest buzzword is “open” – look at OpenSocial and FriendConnect.

    Users are suffering from social networking fatigue – remembering too many usernames/passwords and maintaining profiles across too many sites. There is bound to be consolidation in the space and those that get on the “open” bandwagon will be the winners, unless they have the money to stand on their own (even MySpace and Bebo are part of OpenSocial).

    Just my thoughts.

  • Hey David,
    Yeah man I do recall that article I wrote about what Real Vibez was doing. But what I was talking about was more of a stand alone niche social network created solely for the purpose of reggae/dancehall music fans. What real vibez has done is to tek it to dem within other social networks. Both are great!

  • “I was surprised that this idea wasn’t already executed and online”

    You shouldn’t be – remember back in November you wrote “ gets more social” –

    That is a social network built around an affinity to Caribbean music. We just kicked off our first major promotion for it this month (running a contest and advertising on Facebook) but it has been out there.

    It is good to see a venture like this though. I totally agree that niche social networks have grown in popularity tremendously, especially thanks to Ning, KickApps and white-label social networking software.

    Monetizing niche networks is the next step. Check out this post and the discussion that follows –

    Also, I listened to a segment on the Diane Rehm show on NPR this week that focused on online social networks. It included one of the authors of “Groundswell” from Forrester Research and a co-founder of Ning.

    Great listen –

  • I really like your name Ingrid. if they are serious about this thing, they should purchase the name from you. I am scratching my head thinking “what does KingstonPO mean?” It will be interesting to know how many of the new start ups you have blogged about actually put effort into purchasing generic domain names…just a thought. 🙂