Why bother surf to Caribbean sites anyway?

I went to make a digital marketing campaign presentation at a Jamaican company the other day and one of the questions I asked the executives in the Q&A discussion was, to name me the top 5 Jamaican/Caribbean sites they go to regularly, meaning at least once a week. They were stunted and silenced.
After the requisite newspaper site names were thrown up, nothing but Facebook, linkedin etc came up. Now this could be easily written off as well by saying hey they may not be the target market that surf over to vibesconnect.com or jampersonals or even jamdeal.com but it made me ask myself that same question and another quickly followed …are Jamaican and Caribbean sites doing enough to get front and centre of their Jamaican/Caribbean audiences… are they serious about building their online brands? Are you ?

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  • I think Caribbean websites that are properly built and back by effective marketing can be a prime real estate for Marketers looking to reach a niche audience. However, the main issue for most Caribbean website owners is their inability to provide detail profile of their audience. It is a misconception that people who visit Caribbean websites are only from or Caribbean origins. By the way I have more trust in using Google Trends than Alexa.

  • David, your point nailed it. We often forget that profit is what ultimately drive business. With the influx of mobile media/internet access now and in the future through out the Caribbean. It will be interesting to see how online brands benefit.

  • I agree with Ingrid…I think if you’re online trying to build an audience then we need to be marketing to that audience whether it be local, Caribbean or international…

    Maybe there area ways to do this as a group of sites? Ideas anyone?

  • Easton

    I agree with David…. not many Caribbean Nationals living in the Caribbean are online. However, i must say i like what happening in Jamaica, Trinidad…. good prospects area for 2010-2011. The best bet now is the Caribbean Diaspora since they have greater online access…

  • I would ask you something different Ingrid:

    Why should Caribbean sites target people in the Caribbean if the advertising dollars aren’t there to make it profitable and the site is ad-supported?

    Naturally a site that sells stuff should be targeting people but this is a chicken and egg situation – Should one build and audience and then try to monetize it later in a market lacking online advertisers or should they focus on the Diaspora market, monetize their first and then come to the Caribbean?