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TOP 10 Jamaican sites visited by Jamaicans…now

Six months ago we checked with and published the top 10 Jamaican sites visited by Jamaicans, it caused a little controversy with its surprises. Many people were asking who? Never heard of them what do they do and are doing to be number one? Regardless, what we

  • Well! I am happy to know that the caribbean is joining the rest of the world with this web2.0 movement. A good Jamaican site to take a look at is It’s slowly on the move, a site to keep an eye on!!

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  • Love keeping up on whats siliconcaribe is doing! Good work!!


  • fujamix

    yo play records for about twenty year old and new and i love it

  • Hi Ingrid Riley, I am glad that there is someone that is keeping up on these trend. I would love for you to take a look at the newest Jamaican social site, Jamaicanspace.

    I know this will take some time to get the name out there, but it will be a good thing for all caribbeans.

    Thank you very much Ingrid Riley!

  • Check this one out its a screamer giving smutvibes a run for there money wit all the jamaica sex tapes u been hearing about lol lol…yeah the nurse a KPH bad

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  • That Alexa list certainly made me discover some new sites but I actually visit quite a few of them myself. Jahkno is one I didn’t know about before though.

  • Trilla
  • Thanks Orlando for the heads up on these tools. I’ll be sure to share with our readers.

  • I agree with the alexa rank, but I noticed since recently their as been some problem cause the last site ranking was on the 15th of Feb. I like the current ranking as well, time for a change jahkno as been #1 from Dec. 2006 for those that don’t know. So I’m glad to see another site bloom.

  • I always enjoy your blog. Alexa can be wrong at times. I have seen sites range in their ranking with alexa. I like to use domaintools and urltrends to get a more well rounded picture of how a site is doing.

    Love the blog