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SiliconCaribe – iTunes for Reggae Music, well sorta is a site where you go to download the reggae singles you bought using the equivalent of a top up phone card. We first got the preview of this online music product at Kingston Beta on April 28th by its lead pitchman Lloyd Laing. the reggae music

  • I have a great CD for you to check out! It’s called Above the Bones and it’s by the artist Mishka.

    He’s got a really smooth sound and he’s got lots of soul…the CD is a great play for summer.

    You can listen to it NOW! at:

    Thanks a lot,
    Just keep livin!

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  • Pingback: SiliconCaribe - iTunes for Reggae Music, well sorta()

  • @ ReadThis see my comments above
    I think to use the term “publishing” here is completely out of context

  • Read This

    @Simone Harris

    I meant the sale of recorded music, not sheet music publishing. Perhaps I should have said music distribution?.. Yes, we are talking about mechanicals.

  • @Read This
    Thanks for the link but I am very familiar with the product offering. That’s why I am asking…what does it have to with PUBLISHING

  • Read This

    @Simone Harris

    I believe what they’re offering is their own version of this:

    See the FAQs:

  • @Read this.
    I’m not clear on how a digicard can help with publishing. Please explain.
    ARe we talking about mechanicals here? because labels still consider fixation to the card a mechanical.

    So I think I’m missing something here.

  • Read This

    This service is headed in the right direction, where music publishing and the local market is concern. Whether it will catch on or not is up the marketing savvy of the people behind it. Local music buyers are pretty much into their mobile phones, mp3 players and all things Internet; so this is right up their lane. Who wants to journey to the record shop anymore, or stand on the corner, buying a bootleg CD? Simone is right about the DRM issue. I would like to hear more about that. Ingrid, perhaps you can do a follow-up video interview so they can share a bit more on this service, and what their market studies reveal?

  • @Ingrid
    It’s interesting how they do not even mention DRM…is the music DRM free or not…if it’s not then for JA$100 the artist will loose more money than they will make because the consumer can copy the music willy nilly

  • @Simone…Though this is not novel at all. I am curious as to whether they can make this work here in Jamaica and the Caribbean because of our copy like it’s our right culture.

  • @Ingrid Riley I think people still steal music it maybe difficult to sell. What I would do is look for unsigned artists let the music be free and ask people to donate. May not be the best or sound way but that’s what I think would be a better approach.

  • I went to which seems to be owned by music giant BMG and seem to not be working. For branding, I do think that their logo should reflect consistency. On their site is says “music pass” not “music pass network”.

  • I like!

  • This is actually not NOVEL at all…several companies have been offering this service. It’s good to see that a company in JA is following suit BUT there is a very important benefit from this particular offering that is missing from MusicPassNetwork. Without this benefit the USING THE CARDS ARE POINTLESS REALLY…I’ll wait and see if they catch on.
    MusicPass is focusing on price and “convenience” but that is actually the main benefit to the consumer BUT what’s the benefit to the ARTIST?

    And did he say that the card prevents compromising PUBLISHING??? how so?

  • @dmt. WHy do you think it’ll fail?

  • dmt