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Where have all the Bahamas Social Sites Gone?

Today’s Bahamian internet ‘social’ landscape is pretty barren after starting off with quite a bang in the early, heady days of the Internet’s discovery in the region. Back in the late 90s, and the early 2000’s we had many vibrant Bahamas centric sites like the internet forum,,,

  • Many people do not realise the amount of time and dedication required to make a website look good, maintain updated content and to obtain said content. Our site ( was the first to showcase photos taken at local events. This idea caught on very quickly and was soon followed by some of the other sites mentioned above (bahamascope comes to mind). At the time, the site was very useful because we were hardcore into promotions and so putting up photos drove traffic to the site, and once eyes were there we could actively promote our upcoming events. As the years went on, more people subscribed to our site and newsletter, and we started to sell ads to other people. But if you’re not Amazon or eBay, there is not actually alot of money in maintaining a website, definitely not comparable to the time and dedication it takes. So it will always be a means to an end, a hobby or simply another marketing tool to sell a bigger product.

    FYI, will actually be up soon. Keep your Facebook, it will be what it will be and nothing more!

  • interesting article. Our website ( was up from 1999 until august 2009 (when we were held hostage by our webhost) we watched tons of websites come and go but we remained one of very few websites devoted solely to 100percent bahamian entertainment listings and reviews. The real issue with the website business within the bahamas and I suspect elsewhere in the caribbean is the lack of acceptance from the local businesses who you try to sell ads to (many of them still don’t have a company website) as it relates to investment. Most of the site development was done by us with a bit of outsourcing (whatever we could afford) to some far east coders. A very interesting story comes to mind – back in 96 a friend of mine developed a website called ‘jambook’ the main objective was to link all jamaican students overseas together (fb minus the pillowfight and mafiawars) it was relatively successful with members reaching about 8000 from all over the world, but it died as there seemed to be no money (dial up days) While our site itself was not a direct moneymaker, it did in fact allow us indirect revenue (being an integral partner in the development and staging of the bhamas film festival has been huge). We pioneered the web blast phenom now sweeping the bahamas with a free bimonthly html based eblast to an initial audience of about 1200 members in 2001 and have since gone on to consult for companies like on their website development. Sadly in 2009/10 local businesses still don’t see the power of the internet (altho fb has started to change that). Typing with bberry so please excuse grammar and spelling

  • This is great. Thanks for sharing your site with is I just checked out your site, very well done! My only question is, why don’t you do this for the Caribbean? I do hope you have domain bought and put down.

  • I dont think Facebook and the like took away the traffic so much. Alot of those sites, I think the owners just havent stuck with it. those had amazing intereactivity amongst its members. Either that or they were trying to use it as a revenue generator, as mentioned, and the revenue fell off and they quit.

    The key is to capitalize on what you are good at and dont pretend to be any other site. Many sites try to be clones of others and it just doesn’t work as it adds no value to their target members. Thats not to say dont expand into any new areas but only where it meshes with your target audience.

    For example: whats the point of a Bahamian Facebook or a Bahamian youtube when Bahamians are alrady signed up en masse to those sites.

    btw…I think my site deserves a bit of a mention. It has been up for close to 5 years now and has grown every year. .

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