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  • It happened in the past this sort of hijacks for domain names.With time more people will be more vigilant to where they want to reserve a name as the frontier is beyond the domain name alone.

  • oOhhhh Thanks a million for that heads up Ian. We know that they are planning very big things indeed all of which we cannot yet publish here, but we raised this Twitter thing to make a point regarding brand jacking and that companies need to take their online branding seriously, monitor their online reputation as well.

  • I’m the Digital Marketing specialist at JTB’s UK PR agency. Believe me, their social media plans are very exciting, and a lot bigger than registering @VisitJamaica on Twitter. Stay tuned, you should be seeing things as soon as next week 😉

  • lol…clearly David.

  • I assume they did not intend to use the @visitjamaica handle…lol.