To Blog or Not to Blog

You can find extensive listings of Caribbean Blogs on You can find a growing list of blogs on even more so that seemed to have dived into the dotcom dead pool. You can follow some of the regularly updated Caribbean blogs on and blogjamaica. And You can find a small and growing community of Caribbean Bloggers on Facebook. Last year I was happy to report that there was a Caribbean Blog boom brewing, we had discovered how easy it was to start a blog with wordpress and blogger and we were happy.

Now at the start of this year, I believe those same Caribbean bloggers have realised that it’s important and hard to keep a blog going and growing. They’ve realised that it’s not just about having something to say, but do you have something interesting to say, to share and the ability to do that consistently. Add to that, since you’re intention surely isn’t to just blog into the wind, it means learning how to market your blog to bring readers there and to keep coming back with a daily, weekly, monthly refresh of your content. What I am seeing is that, many, many Caribbean blogs have hit the proverbial writers block, but the few that have kept things going and growing are actually pretty cool.

My single piece of advice to newbie, part-time hobby or wannabe professional bloggers…keep learning. I believe is one of the best place to start on the how to, why to, when to of blogging – that’s of course if you’re serious about blogging for a reason and for more than a season.

Some of the stellar blogs to learn from out there:,, and especially if you want to make money doing it.

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  • @YardEdge….online advertising growing is a must…the trick is to have a site, a content worthy of attracting advertising money. Without question, as usual, some Caribean companies are slow to advertise online but I find too that many of them just don’t know where to advertise, what questions to ask so it’s up to site publishers to raise their hands, their visibility, contact relevant advertisers and make a business case for advertising on their blog, online magazine or social network.

  • SE

    Maybe it’s the blogs I visit, but the majority of them seem to still be alive and thriving. As bloggers, we all go through phases, but there are still some fantastic Caribbean blogs out there that are consistently updated… to name one.

  • Yes, as a blogger I can agree that it’s challenging to keep at it over the long haul, passion about your subject is key!
    Question, do you see online advertising growing here?

  • I too noticed the graveyard of Caribbean authored blogs growing. Sad really but as a hobby blogger myself it just gets more fun everyday.