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    An amateur project. This looks like something done by an accountant or journalist who thinks that putting a man in front of a pc cam with a piece of paper to read sports news, is TV! I’ll bet any amount of money they have no experienced video producer, editor, make up artist, etc working on that ‘Web TV’ project. Just a little something thrown together by a bunch of friends. That’s what the Gleaner, established since 1834, has come to, in 2010. Oh my. lol.

  • I agree. Geniuses steal!

  • Yeah man. Just a toops of creativity. The format of the programme and cut it to 8-10 mins max.

  • Agreed Ingrid. Execution is lacking. No graphics behind him? Que pasa? How about a teleprompting laptop? Great idea, better execution needed.

  • I have to agree Ingrid. They can cut out the TV news intro and go straight to the story. An upbeat track and they can cut the video down to 5 minutes or less. Its got to be more like a highlight reel on ESPN. The Gleaner ad then also needs to have the same energy. Its a start but yeah they can push the envelope a bit (copy what others have already perfected).

  • Agree not the most exciting program I’ve ever watched but a good idea…maybe they’ll up the execution as time goes on…need to see some creativity!