What’s the ROI in Social Media? – Fashion Night Out Jamaica #FNOja on Twitter. The Stats and Maps of Success

Last week Friday, here in Jamaica as well as in New York, there was Fashion Night Out (FNO). A One Night Only crazy discounts event. The #FNOja hashtag was created by Rachel Cunning @RachiebabieJa and endorsed by The Jamaica Observer – the originators of FNO Jamaica. And then it simply blew up on Twitter. Let me walk you through this success story.

Let’s start with the hashtag #FNOja. What is a hashtag? It’s simply a keyword, a short bunch of letters that describes the brand, product, site that it’s attached to, that’s easy to recognise, pass along and in the case of our web app, easy to track. They’re like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your Tweet. Anyone can create a hashtag by simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. #caribtechnews  #fnoja.

While The Jamaica Observer and the many businesses that participated have declared it an amazing success, we have declared Twitter, a resounding success in spreading the reach of Fashion Night Out Jamaica online and offline. On the workshop and conference circuit over the last two years spreading ideas, sharing strategies and case studies about how Social Media can help businesses to humanize their brands, build brand affinity and drive sales, I’m asked one question consistently.

That questions is – What’s the ROI? The Return on Investment?  Companies want to know the impact of their time and money spent on Social Media.  We can now help  companies to do just that with a new web  app I co-developed (Disclosure) with one of the Caribbean’s top Software Architects @Khary Sharpe – it’s called  SocialRecord.

The Web App and What We Tracked

Using Social Record we tracked the hashtag #FNOja for nine days to gauge its reach, viewership and its impact on the Fashion Night Out Jamaica brand. We tracked three things:

1. Tweet – a single message sent (including retweets) ( a retweet is when someone passes along a tweet using the prefix RT)
2. People – unique accounts that saw the tweet (account may not be equal to single person e.g. siliconcaribe and ingridriley)
3. Viewership – how many times the tweets were viewed. (some persons would have seen them multiple times due to retweets)

The Results

tweets                                         – 1,680 using the #FNOja
retweets                                      – 310
tweeters                                      – 407
people                                         – 98,169
viewership/impressions – 1,335,480

TOP 20 tweeters and how many times they used the #fnoja hashtag

@jamaicaobserver               105
@AskJamaica                         81
@dirawtidyute                       52
@utenjm                                 46
@marciaforbes                     44
@BASEKINGSTON             37
@chineyphat                         37
@RachieBabieja                   32
@yuhrate                               27
@sweetpersona                    24
@tinalingling                       23
@corvedacosta                    22
@Pahma_G                          19
@lenkees                              18
@yannizle                             14
@gocharms                          14
@shancornwall                   14
@philburne                         14
@zjelektra                           13
@freshaDON                      13

Top 20 retweeters
@jamaicaobserver           60
@dirawtidyute                  29
@chineyphat                    28
@AskJamaica                   27
@RachieBabieja              21
@utenjm                           16
@sweetpersona               13
@Pahma_G                     12
@zjelektra                        11
@JAG1Prod                     10
@gocharms                     10
@marciaforbes               10
@chrysalisceo                  9
@lenkees                          8
@artsybee876                 8
@freshaDON                   8
@shancornwall               7
@yuhrate                         7
@susiesbakery                7
@Bree_Lawless             7

Top 20 tweeters with the most followers
@tamichynn                               13017
@GourmetGirlMag                   10516
@DiGenius1                                 9702
@SamFineBeauty                      8923
@IAMTHECECILE                   7783
@Alainesinga                             5982
@jamaicaobserver                     5880
@chinomcgregor                       5346
@zjelektra                                   4535
@ChrysalisCEO                        3650
@etanastrongone                     3258
@Denyque                                 2988
@iamchrismartin                     2881
@TheRealSupaHype               2624
@Bambinomusik                     2479
@AITGAPPAREL                    2433
@jamdowndigital                    2312
@LONZtheMUA                      2120
@hashtager                              2066
@bramma1                               1766

Social Record Tweet Maps.

We used the App and Google Maps to create a Map of the #fnoja tweets that were geotagged. You can see tweets made globally, regionally, nationally and on a parish and town levels. It has the ability to go to neighbourhood and street level as well.

#FNOja GeoTagged Tweets around the World

#FNOja GeoTagged Tweets Jamaica

#FNOja GeoTagged Tweets Parish, Neighbourhood

Not all about Numbers and Maps

All this shows, that if people feel connected to a brand, an authentic message, cause, event, restaurant, bar or have a great experience with them, they will share it – in this case, they will tweet, retweet, mention it to their friends, followers. It’s word of mouth powered by social media platform of Twitter.

I must add too, that while everyone gets excited about numbers, it’s not all about the numbers, it’s about relationships. The word Social in the term Social Media gives you a clue into what it’s all about.. It’s about people connecting and sharing themselves, their information and experiences. Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare are platforms that enable people to connect. For business, it enables brands to listen in, find out how you are perceived by your customers, your potential market, what messages will connect, what ideas will spread and move people to action.

Shameless plug continued: You can follow Social Record on Twitter @socialrecord

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  • Thanks Kyle. Appreciate the nod.

  • Great job on that app guys! Always nice to see our local talent creating products that are globally competitive!

  • Thanks Esteban. We’re storming ahead!


    Great post, Ingrid. I am extremely impressed. Keep up the good work !!

  • Yes kinda curious about how that number sign help define the hashtag.

  • lol…a dark room. ROFL. ok then!

  • This is why when I hear people – especially business people dismiss social media s frivolous – I get frustrated. It reminds of when I wanted a mobile credit card machine from NCB some years ago. I had a mobile photography studio, and office where my clients could pick up their pictures, the NCB representative came by with her digital camera, took pictures of my little office, asked me about a darkroom (in this digital age) and refused me the credit card machine on that basis. An example of an innovative idea being marketed by a traditional mind.

    It is these same traditional minds that are marketing products and services for their companies and wondering why they are getting thrashed

  • Sherie

    Great app Khary!!!

  • Nice article and great metrics.

    Hopefully more campaigns will incorporate hashtags. I love that @Wayne_Marshall has been pushing the #myheartmovement and can’t wait to see stats on that.

    Sidenote: I find it odd that the number sign is called a hashtag. Wonder how it started? Better than being called a “pound sign” though (Americans call it that)

  • Thanks Corve, the hashtag was a great idea!! And having the ability to track and measure…priceless.

  • Thanks Marcia, indeed all of those individuals are lending their talents, skills and voices to the industry and it’s needed to keep propelling us forward.
    Cheers to all of the Jamaica and the Caribbean talent

  • Thanks Corey, Yes measuring is crucial and it’s one of the ways to make a solid business case for businesses to get on board.

  • Hey Ingrid

    Great post and get work we need more stuff like this. I know its not easy to pull this kind of stuff together especially when you can’t be a career blogger. Great work.

    I have been thinking alot of ROI on social media and I think you hit the nail on the head with respect to relationships. I think the numbers are important but truly being able to gauge the bottom line from social media is going to be quite a challenge.

    I believe in the Caribbean we have people who seek out the latest and greatest information, and then share it with their friends who might not be as tech saavy as them.

    At one point this summer I noticed one girl on facebook had more likes on a particular flyer she posted to her profile than the same poster posted to the brand page. The brand page has over 4 times of much friends as her! After introducing myself and getting to know her, I realized she was also talking to friend via bbm and other mediums. Its like how to you measure that.

    My thinking now is simply work with people who believe in social media and believe in people because if you and your brand is authentic simple campaigns you do via social media can have returns for years to come.

  • I am delighted to see my fellow Jamaicans taking the business of collecting empirical data re new media so seriously. It bodes well for how we harness these technologies to positively impact our people and our economy.

    Congrats to the team that is making this possible. I single out @utenja, @rachiebabieja, @kharysharpe for special mention since I’m aware of how enthusiastically they work to make these statistics available.

    You are to be commended Ingrid for taking the bull by the horn and being such a “Techievangelist”.

    Keep up the good and important work.

    Marcia Forbes

  • This is impressive. So happy there is an app now available to track these tweets. I think the hashtag was a creative idea, certainly on my timeline-everyone kept tweeting about it.