FirstCaribbean’s Visa Debit Card & Its Significance For Ecommerce In Jamaica

by Sandor Panton
Later today, at Wealth Magazine’s Corporate Mingle business networking event, FirstCaribbean will launch its brand new Visa Debit Card product, and although they’ve seemingly been focusing more on their mobile banking product (which will also be launched tonight), as my friend Colin Scott had first highlighted to me recently, the introduction of FirstCaribbean’s Visa debit card looks likely to be a major coup for Ecommerce (online shopping) in Jamaica.

As we all know, a key requirement for shopping online is for the buyer to have a credit card to pay for the product or service, but prior to now, the requirements (minimum salary etc.) for having a credit card were largely restrictive for the vast majority of Jamaicans. I look forward to hearing the terms by which persons will be able to get this new Visa debit card, and if they are not as restrictive and mainly require the funds to exist in the card holder’s chequing or savings account, then it’s likely that many more Jamaicans will be able to shop online. More

  • Ahhhh ok ok thanks for explaining. Ok will fwd with my application then. Sweet!

  • Yes you can get the card. You only need the alternate US billing address if you are purchasing from vendors who require that. Everywhere else, including ATM and Point of Sale is quite fine. They have just gotten a lot of request to accommodate the alternate address and well introduce at a later date.

  • Ohhhhh so you can get the cards but you do need an alternative US billing address? Ok kewl. Glad to clear that up.

  • Ingrid, I’m not sure if that response was in relations to my comment. If so, i was just referring to the ability to add an alternate billing address. I thought the had a launch already. I certainly have received my card already.

  • What?! What kind of foolishness is that! They make a big damn deal about it but have no specific date for a launch? ! *kiss teet and very loudly*

  • They just need to include the ability to have an alternate US billing address. I was told that that is high priority and is forthcoming but no specific time.

  • Ohh yes Marjorie this is indeed a great first step and I’m sure you’ll agree that the rest of the banks have no choice but to follow First Caribbean’s lead. When most Jamaicans are able to use their own money, in a safe, secure and convenient way to get what they want online. Then we can say ecommerce has truly arrived here. I look forward to it all.

  • Marjorie

    As a person who does not believe in credit cards. I was so excited about the FirstCaribbean Visa Debt Card. Went immediately to my bank and signed up. There is no service fee, no charge to use it at FC ABM and also at POS terminals. I am so HAPPY, i can now shop online using my own money. YEAH!!!!

  • I excited about this. It’s been a long time coming.