Word to the Reggae Music Industry: Connect or Die: How to survive in a Music 2.0 world

Ironically it’s what the dude, Alex Morrissey who just launched Songwrita the social game based on reggae/dancehall music and who has amassed a community of over 200,000 fans for his Jamaicansmusic.com website understands very well. So I believe once the frustrated artistes, producers and management who have seen their money train fall off of a cliff these last two years especially, become students of a new game, they’ll be on their way. They should realise by now, by the numbers and the misplaced hype that there will be no going back to the way things were.

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  • http://www.siliconcaribe.com Ingrid Riley

    Ahh we didn’t know about this. Thanks for the info, we’re going to check it out.

  • http://ceeyougames.com Asiyah Babaz
  • http://facebook browman

    yès well a big one yèp big up!! cause yo a fe be kickin fo sure all styles so no other dj sound can’t take yèp ok!! ah ha uh uh hu uh don’t give bad mind no time.