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Reggae Music Lessons: Top 3 Reasons Reggae Music Sales Suck and how to change it

I write this totally from the perspective of an internet marketing strategist, as someone who spends 80 percent of her waking hours online reading,tracking trends and who is very biased towards conscious reggae and dancehall artists like Shabba, Lady Saw, Gregory Isaacs,Peter Tosh and yes Bob Marley of course.  This

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  • Wow my comment was rejected, all I did was dispute what was said in the article!

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  • QB

    Great article! It’s very thought-provoking and I hope that more people learn the things that you are talking about.

  • Thanks Orlando. I thank my friend for sharing with me her story and the fact that I am in charge of building the Jolly Boys brand online has given me some interesting insights into some things. Lots to learn about the music business, but I know alot about brand building online and internet marketing, so I’m just applying what I know to another industry. Hope it helps in someway.

  • Thanks Marguerite, just sharing what I know and what’s on my mind as usual and may the chips fall where they may.

  • Ingrid – EXCELLENT article. Thought-provoking. I am not a musician, but I got so much from it about brandbuilding – which is passe – it’s really about community/tribe building – love that – me as leader of the Free and Laughing tribe! My paradigm has just been shifted! Off to read Seth’s blog for more shifting …

  • Powerful & every industry insider should pay attention to this article