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Blackberry celebrates 70 Million BlackBerry subscribers globally…but

Research In Motion (RIM) now has 70 million global BlackBerry subscribers and they celebrated that fact with a video that highlighted some of our customers’ successes, including how individuals, businesses, governments, start-ups and charities are all using BlackBerry to work for good in their lives and in their communities around

  • JA2BK

    I should also add…

    Or a Blackberry device that stands on its own as a compelling offering with popular applications as well as some perhaps not thought of before.

  • JA2BK

    Although, it will support Android apps, there will be limitations, I’ve read, on what those apps can do. So, will it still be a compelling option for them? Not sure. At the end of the day, they need development for the native platform. I would prefer an Android device with Blackberry capabilities over a Blackberry device with crippled Android capabilities.

  • Yes it’s been a constant cry by developers that it’s just too difficult and the support is not there. It’s rumoured that they will be opening up their devices to Android. Let’s hope they do it soon.

  • JA2BK

    I think the big problem is it is a world of Apps now. No Apps equals no/limited consumer interest. As great as the new OS (QNX) may be, it won’t mean anything if there aren’t the apps to take advantage of the platform. Wireless communication is a consumer world now. No longer is it simply for businesses. Factor in the lower cost to a business (Free per user) to allow Exchange support instead of paying for BES. People are bringing their own devices to use for work and in other cases, they are wanting to mix the two worlds of personal and business. I’m not saying they need to have 30,000 apps to compete. But, at least the top apps and games. That alone, would make people consider it. Even with their new touchscreen devices, there aren’t many apps that take advantage of the higher resolution nor the fact it is touch. If all you do is social networks and BBM, yeah it’s okay. But, if you would like to challenge a friend in Word With Friends, nope. If you would like to try out Angry Birds, nope. Even some conversion tools I have on other platform device, not available or not as good as their other platform versions. Many apps seem to be made for lowest common denominator BB device. So, I’ve got this nice screen and touch, but my font is small as can be.

    They were probably better served trying to partner with another platform (Android perhaps) and get their services working as a layer on top, than buying an OS. Especially since they can’t seem to get their services to work on this OS they purchased as it is right now. Hence the failure of the PLaybook. Imagine if that time and effort was spent getting BES and BBM (and I really left BIS out on purpose as that should just be ActiveSync for consumers) to work on that platform with their hardware?