‘Opportunities ripe’ for tech investments in Jamaica

Macromedia founder Marc Canter is investing in a local start-up ecosystem

MARC Canter, founder of the US multibillion-dollar computer software company that introduced flash technology, says opportunities are ripe for technology startups in Jamaica, which he feels possibly has a better investment climate than the US right now. In an exclusive interview with the Business Observer on Monday, the renowned entrepreneur said tourism and culture are sectors which strike him as having great potential for investments in technology locally.

“I’m delighted to see websites that are already up and running and we have 15 startups entering into a competition — related to the upcoming Caribbean BETA conference. So I’d say that, in general, I’m very pleased and that the opportunities are ripe,” he said.

Canter, in 1992, founded Macromedia, which was in 2005 acquired by Adobe Systems in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately US$3.4 billion ($290 billion). Macromedia created flash technology, a multimedia platform used to facilitate animation, video, and interactivity to websites.


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