Deputy Governor of the Bank of Jamaica Speaks on Mobile Money and Opportunities for Young Tech Entrepreneurs at Kingston BETA

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Livingstone Morrison, Deputy Governor of Finance & Technology at Bank of Jamaica( BOJ) will be speaking on Mobile Money and the opportunities for young tech entrepreneurs at Kingston BETA, Jamaica’s tech community event to be held this Thursday April 25th, 2013 at JAMPRO’s headquarters at 6:30pm. $500jmd at the door.

With the much anticipated electronic retail payments guidelines now finalized and published, there is now a need to further publicise and explain it to the influential audience of young aspiring and existing our Tech entrepreneurs,developers and designers, tech professionals who will be very likely use the platform and develop for the platform.

Mobile Money refers to mobile financial services cover mobile banking, mobile remittances or money transfers and mobile payments performed from or via a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, check, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods. It eliminates the need to visit banks or bill payment outlets to add to accounts, as well as the need to hold bank accounts. In fact, Dr Maurice McNaughton, director of the Centre of Excellence of the Mona School of Business has said that the use of mobile phones to conduct such transactions “has enormous macroeconomic potential with implications for economic inclusion, as well as the efficiency of commerce.”

Mr Morrison speaking about Mobile Money to our tech community is welcomed and fits into the theme for this Kingston BETA event which is STARTUP CITY: Kingston – How to make the city a hub for tech entrepreneurship and innovation. There will be a panel of Jamaican entrepreneurs and investors debating what they need to become successful. Additionally, there will be Idea Pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs as well as presentations from event Gold Sponsors – Dig Jamaica and Gleaner online. diGJamaica will be presenting on big data  and Gleaner Online will be presenting its products, its position as the online market leader for news content and the various tech platforms that make data available across various platforms. The event will be live blogged online at Twitter account @kingstonbeta for the Caribbean Tech Community and the rest of the Work. It’s $500jmd/US$5usd to attend.

Kingston BETA is the event series staged by the award-winning tech entrepreneurship foundation ConnectiMass, which is also the parent organisation of this blog. ConnectiMass is non-profit that’s focused on helping Caribbean young people and women become Successful Tech Entrepreneurs. It helps by providing content, community and events that allows them to get connected, informed and inspired to use their ideas and skills to launch and build successful technology businesses.


  • It’s great to finally see the BoJ taking an active and public interest in this area. Jamaica is behind the 8 ball where Mobile Money is concerned, African states are way ahead of the game, the Pacific islands have all but completely mastered the possibilities of the ecosystem and there are some other not so well know countries that are in their own space and time moving with dispatch to launch a viable solution for all the players in the Mobile Money Game. So BoJ, let’s get this going, Micro payment can provide great opportunities for commerce in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.